Friday, September 17, 2010

I Won...and I'm always going to Win

   So the first few weeks of school were a little rough. If you read my blog then you most likely read about a few of my rough days. Well this week was SO much better. I won, I won!! It just takes a little training and classroom management tricks and sticking to your guns and they get the hint...its my classroom and we are going to learn! I'm the teacher and I win every time, sometimes my wins just take a little bit of time.

   I'm starting to learn my students and what makes them tick, and what can cause them to get way off course and how to stop that before it ever starts. I love when at the end of the period I hear my students say, "geezz, this class goes by so fast!!" Or another one of my favorites is, "Oh my gosh, we did so much today in class and I had fun." Its so funny, some of my old students for last year came and visited me and they were telling a few of my present students that they enjoyed my class and all of my randomness. They also told them that they could get me talking about all kinds of stuff and that some of those discussions were the ones they remember the most. Also this week I had one of those moments that makes a teacher feel like they can continue on. One of the other teachers was teaching some students about Communism and distribution of wealth using Skittles, and one kid was left with nothing. Well he was not happy about this, especially since all of his classmates had Skittles. Well one of his classmates tells him, "Man, your like one of the Untouchables in the Indian Caste system."
The highest level...of course they loved this!
Then they all started talking about how when they had me for World Geography as freshmen and the activity where the were placed into one of the different caste levels. That they would be able to relate it to another subject and that they still remembered that (sometimes I wonder if some would remember their heads if they weren't attached) made my heart SWELL!!! I was so excited.
The servants

   I'm also loving my Fine Arts class. They are the best group of kids and they have just dived right into this unit on Egyptian Art, which is Awesome because its one of my favorites!! They are working so hard on their projects and I can't wait to post some pics of what they created.
   I know, those of you that know me well are probably reading this and thinking, "yep that's Syl, one week in the valley and the next on the mountain top." Well that just my life and how I interpret it. Not saying that its right and I am working on trying to keep a leveled head when it comes to my emotions and viewpoint on things. I guess one thing that I am learning about myself as I get older is that I can be very passionate and fired up about things, and sometimes I tend to see the glass half empty. I'm trying to be more optimistic and look for the good in all things.
   A sure sign that your still alive, things are still changing and there are things that you still need to change.   -Till Tomorrow

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Anonymous said...

valley and mountain tops keeps life interesting==you are your Daddy's daughter just like him for swinging from top to valley ==as you get older you will recognize when the valley is coming and slide right through we love ya