Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Just another day down the hallway

   So I got the "is the crazy girl ok today" look by a few people at work (but not in a mean way at all)....oh well. Don't we all have those days when we look at ourselves in retrospect and say, "wow that was quite a moment that I was having."
Today was a much better day, I went to work and made it through the whole day. HAHAHA!!! But I did have a great breakfast thanks to Courtney. We had a great chocolate bar at 7am...thats the way to start the day, Big cup of coffee and a chocolate caramel bar! Ahhh the breakfast of champions, or at least teachers who talk about going pterodactyl on their classes. Thanks Courtney for being the skinniest lil fat kid, who is always up for a junk food extravaganza even at 7:30 am.
  I hope that if you are reading this that you get all of my sarcasm and not think that I am really messed up.
   Well anyways, we finished up the Egyptian era in my Fine Arts class and are now we are looking at the Greek and Roman era. Here are a few pics of what my students worked on.

They did a really good job. I have a few other groups that I still have to get pictures of. I stayed at work late today and got all of my grading done. It had been building up on me and I really had to dig my way out especially with exams coming up on me next week.
So it seems that homecoming is also right there and I still don't have a DJ for the dance. The rest seems to be coming along ok. I have to go and talk to the florist and a few other people but all and all going pretty good. I'm actually looking forward to Spirit week and all the fun that is going to come with it. The teachers have a little healthy competition for spirit week. The hallways compete to see who has the most teachers that participate for spirit week and we have a title to defend. I already have my costume for costume day and I'm brainstorming for our color day.
Well I haven't done "What I Wore Wednesday" in a few weeks, may get back to it as well as my "Random Fact Friday."      -Till Tomorrow

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