Saturday, September 4, 2010

Random Mix of Things

   Well today was the start of my three day weekend. I'm very excited with a mix of sadness, now that we have hit the Labor Day weekend that means that we are about to hit the long haul till Thanksgiving. No more breaks till the week of the the big turkey day.

   I did not post last night due to the fact that I fell asleep at 6:30 and woke up at 10 to take my contacts out and then right back to sleep till 8 this morning. I guess I was really tired and needed the rest. I just realized that I haven't had coffee today...hmm thats strange. I have been trying to cut back a little on my coffee intake, I had gotten to a point where I was drinking a whole pot by myself. I also drink my coffee with Sweet-N-Low and creamer, I just can't do black coffee. I also love flavored coffee and my favorite is coffee that I brought back from Venice. I really need to order some more of that coffee.

  I kind-of started working on some of my school stuff. I took all of my work that needs grading out of the bag that I had thrown it in to bring it home. I got it all organized by classes and its ready to start grading. I still have to grade it all, do my lesson plans, tweak a test I'm giving on Tue, and make my journal topics for the week. I was going to work on school stuff today but other things seemed to be more important. One of those more important things was to pay some of my bills.
   Now I've been working on wiping out my debt and its been a long process, but I'm starting to see some light at the end of the tunnel. My goal for this year was to pay off the debt I owe my Mom and two credit cards. I almost have one credit card and my Mom paid off. I should have both of them done by next month and thats a great feeling. I have also consolidated my student loans and going to be able to do teacher loan forgiveness.

   Also, another thing that I did instead of grading was to help my Dad put a new roof on my lil trailer. Let me first say that I have the most awesome Dad!!! It seems that there is nothing my Dad can't do and I'm so blessed that he is always there to help me out. A single girl does sometimes need the help of a man and since I don't have a husband to do these things I'm glad my Dad is there to help. So I found out that I don't really like to be up on a roof all that much. Doesn't seem to bother my Dad all that much and he just moves around up there like nothing. So we got almost half of the new tin roof put on. I'm learning how to do it and that making sure things are lined up are very important. The best part about this all is that thanks to my Dad and his help I'm saving $600!!!! That's how much a guy was going to charge to do the work that me and my Dad are doing. Tomorrow I'm going to go back up and finish screwing in all the screws and me and Dad are going to finish the other side. Oh, I also caulked around my window and hoping that it will stop the little leak that I was having.

   There was some really good news for me when I woke up this morning. Seems our Hurricanes put a hurting on Belle Chasse. I'm so proud of our boys and pray that they take it all in and move on to the next game and win...Here's to us making it all the way to the Dome this year!  They even made the front page of the paper and the Westbank and Sports sections. Love that the ones who painted themselves got a lil paper time as well, glad to see that they are showing there school pride.
   Oh, and my last post I showed you the two t-shirts that I designed for our Homecoming. My kids voted for and loved the 2nd one that I designed, of course they liked the one that I spent 5 hours on. Well just glad that we have a design and I can start selling them. I'm also excited that I found a great t-shirt website that I can use for all of our events. I have so much that I need to get done for Homecoming!!
Well I'm going watch Engineering an Empire on France. I'm super excited because our prom theme this year is going to be Paris. I've been to France but never Paris. I hope to one day get to visit the city and see the Eiffel Tower and Notre Dame 

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