Thursday, September 2, 2010

These Kids are Going to be the Death of Me

   Homecoming is quickly approaching and this is when my life seems to turn upside down. I'm the Student Council sponsor and one of the big events that we are responsible for is Homecoming and all of the events that encompass that day. Thank God that I have a great committee of teachers that are going to be helping me, its just trying to make decisions with all of the student council is never easy. I have decided that there are just going to be some decisions that the kids will not have a say in. I do have a good group that make up my council this year; but its a lot of very strong personalities and sometimes they forget we are a very small school and want to do things like a large school would with a large school's budget and resources. Tonight I spent four hours designing our Homecoming t-shirt because they didn't like the first one that I did last night. They wanted more, and wanted me to mix football and the Casino theme together...not an easy task. I was so happy to find a great website BlueCotton and was able to put together what I think is one Great shirt...but I thought that last night and got shot down today. So we will see what they think, I do have to say that the one I did tonight looks 100% better then the first one I did. I don't get paid enough for this!! Well going try and get a few hours of sleep before that stinking alarm will tell me that its time to go back to school.
-Till Tomorrow
My First one...they didn't like
The one I made tonight...Hoping they like this one!


Anonymous said...

very good syl.

Anonymous said...

I like the second one. You are doing such a great job! I know homecoming will be wonderful. I can't do much to help, but if you need anything, just ask!! I will be back Tuesday. --- Nora