Monday, September 20, 2010

Well lets take a look

Today was the day that my spending moratorium came to an end. I only had a week left but I had just had it. I have to say that I did much better then I thought I would. I'm so excited, now I can go and download all of the music that I have been putting on my wish list on iTunes. So I revisited my "list" to check on my progress and well, here have a look yourself...

All of the Bold Blue writing are the comment from today

1. Read through the Bible in a year. I did it when I was a kid but as it seems that was awhile back.
    -This one is not going as well as I would like. I really need to step it up!

2. Ride a New Orleans streetcar.
   -I've still got to do this one and Courtney has volunteered to help with this one...oh and #10
3. Go to the New Orleans Aquarium...I know I live so close and never really take advantage of all the things the Big Easy has. **It was amazing...loved all the fish, like diving but not getting wet!**

4. Hike Tunica Falls.
   -I'm planning on doing this one as soon as it gets a little cooler.

5. Go two months without spending anything besides bills, gas, and meds...Im going to need the meds for this one.**Ok, so I lasted 7 weeks...but that was great for me. Only missed it by a week.**

6. Blog everyday! Even if its not that all eventful.
   -So I have pretty much done this one...missed the week that I was on the Cruise and a few other times that I didn't have internet.

7. Pay off my mom and 2 credit cards (not an easy task if you saw their balances but I can do it!)
  -This one is going pretty good. Will have mom paid off this Fri. and one of the credit cards next month!!

8. Go Tubing **Didn't get to do this one :(

9. Take a painting class. **Got an A in it!**

10. Visit and indulduge in all that Angelo Brocato's has to offer.
   -Courtney and I will be doing this one soon!

11. Watch seasons 1 and 2 of Law & Order in a day.
    -Waiting on a nice rainy day.

12. Go see a Broadway show. **I saw Wicked**

13. Plant at least 5 trees. (my part to help the planet)
    -Yep, still need to get my Green on.

14. Complete a series of fleur de lis drawings.
     -I have done a few but I'm so over them...they are EVERYWHERE!!! 

15. Learn a new word a month.
     -This one I kind-of forgot about. Guess I need to get Heidi to help me with this one.

16. See the Nutcracker!
     -I'm so doing this in Dec. any one want to come??

17. Read a book a month.
     -Now this one has been going good till this month. Starting back at school has slowed it done a lot.
18. Read Jane Eyre.
     -I'm thinking that this is going to be my Nov. book.

19. Log a Dive. **Logged 2 dives in Belize and it was amazing!!!**

20. Cook 5 of Julia Child's recipes including her Beef Bourguignon
    -Got the cookbook now just need to start the cooking!!

21. See how long I can jump rope for (I will need to do some training for this one).
    -Oh wow...yeah this one is going to be a ball of fun. I will have to use my video camera for this one.

So hope you keep on reading, I've got a lot to do in 4 months, and should make for a little bit of an interesting blog...or at least I hope.   -Till Tomorrow

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Anonymous said...

I think you should cook at least once a week--I'm all for it and I'll buy the ingredients--then Lydia can cook every week and I only have to cook 5 times---