Monday, October 4, 2010

Feeling really loved

   I have to say that I am so blessed. You ever have one of those days when you really feel loved? I have my moments when I forget who's I am, but He always reminds me. I feel so small when It seems that God just thought of me, and loves me no matter how many screw ups I make. He still takes time out of the craziness of this world to touch my life and bless me in little ways.
   Back at the beginning of the school year I had asked for tables and I was told that the school didn't have the money for tables or other classroom furniture. Well I was blessed with some AWESOME co-workers and they all came together and got me a few folding tables. Now I was Super happy about the folding tables, and so grateful, but well they weren't the sturdiest or most stable for use with kids. We were making do but on Friday I got a great surprise! New classroom tables!!! These are awesome, big, sturdy, and provide more seating for the extra students I will be getting in the Spring. Thanks also should go to Mr. B, I have some great faculty and Principals! Take a look at my great new tables (yeah, I did keep a few desks. Some kids need their own space)

   I also got a little loving gift from my Mom today...

  Yep, my Mommy made me a new Fall quilt for me to cover up with while I sit here and type my lil blog. Well its late and I have detention in the morning. Oh how I love making lil kids write about what they did to get them in detention at 7am, while listening to Mozart.  -Till Tomorrow


Anonymous said...

so glad you got those tables--
when is a good day to go to the melting pot

Jessica Blood said...

Hey Tell your mom if she ever gets tired of sewing for you, I'll take whatever she wants to sew. Blankets, pillow cases whatever, (anything) for that matter!!