Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Feeling that Mid Week Blahh

    Wow, so it just seems that this week doesn't want to end!! Auhhhh I really have to go and do something fun this weekend and get out of this funk that I have been in. Today was another crazy day as a High School teacher. Did some more grading and well....we will leave it at that. Lets just say that the lil boogers are getting a progress report sent home tomorrow. I came home and graded some more this afternoon. It never amazes me how gross these kids can be. I teach Freshmen and I have my one Fine Arts class that is mostly Seniors. Well tonight I was grading my Freshmen's daily Journal and Maps skills worksheets and I was so grossed out! The junk that I find on their worksheets really grosses me out. Some of these papers look like they have been to the end of the world and back, I guess that I should at least be happy that they were not eaten by the bookbag like so many others before them. One thing about teaching Freshmen is that they all ways keep you on your toes and things NEVER get boring.
   On top of my fun filled afternoon of engaging reading of Freshmen daily journals (inject a ton of sarcasm there!), my left side is hurting again. I really don't understand how or why only one side of my body hurts and has fever in it. I have been to the doctor about this, and for awhile I was doing good. But the last few weeks I have noticed that it has really been bothering me again. I'm too young to have these health issues. Its probably my body telling me that it wants to get off the couch, stop grading and working on the computer and get my butt to the gym. So I was all set to do What I Wore Wednesday today and forgot to take a few pics this week so no go. I am going to try and get to it this week.
Well I'm done for the day and the only thing that I'm looking forward to is waking up in the morning so I can have a cup of coffee. I could drink a cup right now, guess I will have a cup of Sleepy Time tea and then hit the sheets.
   Oh, eHarmoney update. So its been 3 days and they haven't sent me any new matches. LOL!!! I think that this is so comical! What the heck? Oh, and the 3 guys still haven't responded to me...haha! Guess what they say is true, all the good ones are taken or gay. Well my subscription is till Jan. so we will see. Well Good Night.   -Till Tomorrow

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