Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Going to give it a try

   I read this on Yahoo today and thought it was pretty interesting, click here. I was telling some of my kids that had stayed after school and they agree that we should try it. So I'm going to get our class a Happy Meal and see how long it last. Today was a little crazy at school, but thats pretty much going to be the norm till next Thur. Today was College Day for Spirit week and I was representing Nicholls proudly! Tomorrow is Color Day and the teacher's color is PINK! I'm so ready for this one. You should see my shoes that I bedazzled, it the words of Bella Creative "Because the world could use a little embellishing." I love that!! In almost all cases the world could use a little embellishment. I will post a picture of tomorrows Pink day and my really cute embellished shoes.   -Till Tomorrow

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