Monday, October 18, 2010

Lived Through It All

   I survived 9 weeks exams and the Homecoming events. It turned out to be a really great Homecoming and, even though it was a lot, it went so much smoother with all my friends lending a hand. I have to say that I'm so ready for a perfectly boring, plain jane, no alterations to the schedule, kind-of week. This is not that week. Tomorrow we get out at 10:30, and Wed. 1:30. Meetings and more meetings this week, and because of this the lil kiddos get to get out of school I'm going to whine a bit and say thats just not fair...I want to leave early too!
   So our Homecoming week's events involved a day called Color Day and the teacher's color was Pink. So of course we did this one all out. I have included some pictures to show examples of just how well we did Pink Day.

So to prepare for this fabulous Pinkalicious day I bedazzled my pink sneakers (B I thought of you the whole time) and I have to say that they turned out really cute! Give me a glue gun and some dazzle and Bam! you got cute, Gaudy, sparkly goodness. Here is a pic of the new Cute shoes

   Thought they came out really cute!
   Well have a ton to catch up on and papers to grade. Not going to have tome to get much done tomorrow. So I'm off to shower and then do a little grading before hitting the bed. -Till Tomorrow


Katie said...

I have never seen so much pink! Too cute! :)

Keri said...

Love, Love, Love the shoes! I'm so glad you guys are having so much fun. These are the wonderful memories the students will remember always!