Wednesday, October 20, 2010

The Start of Something Good

   Come December 10th I will have been teaching at SPHS for 2 years. We have been in a temporary school site since Katrina. I was fortunate enough to come to SPHS after there were walkways and  awnings (yes a very big deal!) But we are outgrowing our little school and very excited to finally see the start of our new school! It will of course be raised (because of hurricanes) and it will be great to have real hallways, extra room, and enough classrooms for us all.
   So I told myself that I could leave early from work today, early for me would be before 5, if I took papers home to grade. I told myself that I would come home and get work DONE...did I?? No! Well I did get a map quiz made on the new program that I got trained on today. I'm still not caught up from the week of Homecoming and have a good bit of grading left to get done. I finally got all of the Homecoming stuff broke down and stored today. I'm so happy that I don't have another big event till Wacky Olympics in April.
   I have to say that I am so ready for the holiday season to start. I love Thanksgiving and the the day after. I love that the day after Turkey Day Magic 101.9 starts to play Christmas tunes, and I'm so ready to put up my tree! Yes, I'm holding myself back and waiting to at least the week of Thanksgiving before I start trimming my tree.
   I'm so happy, today I finished my last dose of Accutane. I got back on it this year to clear up some lingering cystic acne and I'm so glad to be done. They tell you that there are a lot of side effects with this medication but the only ones that I experienced was the dry lips and a few nose bleeds. Some of my friends think that it may be one of the reasons that I have been so emotional lately, so I guess we will find out now that I'm off of it. I'm just really glad to not be putting that in my body anymore.
One of my kids asked me today how was my giving up soft drinks and if I had giving in and had one yet. I was happy to say that I haven't had one since Dec. of last year.
   Well I have detention tomorrow and I hope that I can get some work done during my planning period. I haven't gotten much done besides Homecoming during my planning periods for the last few weeks. So I'm now off to bed. Good Night!   -Till Tomorrow 

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sweet dreams my precious one luv ya mom