Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Tests, Tests and More Tests

   Seems that no matter what season you are in in your life there will always be test. I'm working on making my exam and needed a break so I came on over to chat a bit. So lets see how you would do if you were in my 9th Grade World Geography and had to take my exam. Here are a few questions, and no cheating (yes, asking Google for help is cheating). Like I tell my kids, cheating make you a lair and a thief. You lied about what you know and stole a grade that you didn't earn.

1. ____________means, sharing an edge or boundary; touching.
 A.   Close                    C. Absolute location
             B.    Bordering            D. Contiguous  

2. Paris France is 48o North Latitude and 2o East Longitude. This is an example of?
                     A. Intermediate directions            C. Prime directions
                     B. Relative directions                    D. Absolute Location
3. The majority of the Andes Mountains are located in which country?______________________
4 The world’s driest desert
            A. Sahara desert                               B. Antarctica
            C. Savanna desert                            D. Atacama Desert
 ____________________________ is the capital of Argentina.
                        A. Rio de Janeiro                                   C. Sao Paulo
                        B. Buenos Aires                                    D. Brasilia
 6. Which river in Paraguay flows to the Atlantic Ocean?
                        A. Mississippi                                             C. Amazon
                        B. Paraguay                                                D. Parana
The rain forest is made up of 5 different layers, which layer contains most of the animals and flowers?
                        A. Emergent trees                                    C. Canopy
                        B. Floor                                                D. Under Canopy

 So how did you do?     -Till Tomorrow

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