Saturday, November 6, 2010

I'm Ready!!!


    Yep, we Fall back tonight and Fall into the Holiday season. I'm so happy that Thanksgiving is just around the corner and then before you know it it will be Christmas!! We have started to count down the days at school, teachers get just as happy about the break as the kids! I can't wait for the week off, I think we all really need it since we all seem to be going crazy. Who knew that being a teacher could be so overwhelming, stressful, crazy, madding, and at times just plain comical.

   So I'm trying to hold myself back and not put up my tree just yet. I love Christmas time, all the decorations, and the Christmas music. I'm also supper excited about all of the fun events that we have planned for this holiday season. I'm super excited about our "Tacky Christmas Sweater" party. I have just won a great sweater on ebay that I will transform into one of the Tackiest Christmas sweaters that one has ever seen. It will involve a glue gun and lots of shiny x-mas decor. I will be sure to upload some pics asap. Also on this season's agenda is the Nutcracker. I've been wanting to see it and put it on my list of "Must Do's in 2010." I have a ton of other things as well, the Orange Festival, Destrehan Craft show, Fulton Street shopping with the girls, and of course some Black Friday Shopping. Ahhhh just love this time of the year!!!
   Well besides that not much else going on. Update on the online date....haha well it has been interesting so far. Saw a lot of what I DON'T want and a few Maybes. But overall not much to write about. I do have to say that I find it really amusing to read some of the profiles and the way that some people try to sell themselves. It was really funny when one guy compared the online matching process to online shopping!  So I will leave you with a few funny seasonal images to help get you into the spirit.   -Till Tomorrow

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