Monday, November 1, 2010

A lit bit here and a lil bit there

   This has been my motto on getting my grading done, bit by bit and I will reach the end. I got a good bit of work done today and had the very best intentions to come home and get a bunch of grading done....well I got a little done. I spent some of my time online chatting. It was....interesting. We shall see.
   So me and a few of my coworkers were talking and we have decided that we NEED to have a Fall break. The kids are climbing the walls and the teachers are soon to follow. Everyone needs a break and Thanksgiving break is still 14 school days away!!! Oh Thanksgiving Please come quickly!
   One really good thing about this time of year, I have lost weight! I don't know how are why but around this time of year I seem to drop weight, maybe it has something to do with being too busy to eat. Maybe its  apart of the Homecoming hangover (thats what we at school like to refer to the weeks following the mad time we call Homecoming). Whatever it is I'm not complaining!! Oh, and it could be that I'm not eating at my parents as much as well...which my Dad is not the least bit happy about. I swear, the man gets more babyfied the older he gets. He gets so upset if I don't go over to eat or if he doesn't see me every day...I know I'm blessed to have a my Parents! My Mom just deals better, plus she has Lydia haha!!! Well got detention in the morning.   -Till Tomorrow

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