Sunday, November 7, 2010

Restless Feeling

   I'm not sure why, but every once and a while I get a restless feeling. I have that feeling that there is more out there and I should go look for it. I'm not sure where this feeling comes from? I wonder if I should start looking for a place to move, another town, another job??? My Mom always reminds me to never make any major decisions when I feel this way. She a pretty smart women! So I listen to her and wait it out. I still have my application in with the Dept. of Defense and would love if I got a call to go and teach in Spain or Greece!
   So I got all of my lesson plans done and even got some grading done this weekend. I did a little while I was at our school fair on Sat. Here are a few pics from the SPHS Bayou Fest   -Till Tomorrow
Me, Matt, and Heidi watching the Plinko booth
Being carried to jail...My kids put me in the jail I didn't go without a fight! But sadly I was overpowered :(
Courtney and I....trying to stay warm

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