Saturday, November 13, 2010

So Many With So Little

   So as I have shared before I have laid down my pride and joined the online dating world. My friends all tell me that I am very picky and that due to where I live I'm never going to meet anyone. Plus I really got tired of people telling me that I just wasn't putting myself out there. So I joined and its been very insightful. First off let me state that I have found that there are a lot of people out there looking to meet their match.  I have also found that there are a lot of men that do not know how to pick a good photo. Come on guys, if your still in the stage that your taking pics of yourself without your shirt on in the bathroom mirror then I'm definitely going to pass on you. Also, if your in your 30s and your profile pic is of you chugging down a beer, well I'm just going to keep moving on. Oh, and my favorite is the 35 year olds that have their potential match age range 18-40, that just screams, RUN!  And I just love the guys that have the pic of them shirtless, their headline reads "I'm kind-of a Big Deal," they have been divorced and have 2 kids, oh and they say that they want someone who wears a thong (thats from a real profile!!!!). One thing that really surprised me was the amount of people that call themselves a Christian and drink. Now its my personal belief and conviction that I don't drink and I could never be with someone that did. And there are a lot of "Christians" that don't (in their words) feel that I have to attend a church.
   Is it really that hard to find a good Christian man that has a job, degree, doesn't drink (not even socially), reads his Bible, doesn't have a bunch of X's and kids, and the biggest part for me, someone I'm attracted to them! I like to think that God has someone out there for me...but I'm really starting to wonder??     -Till Tomorrow

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hang in there Syl sooner or later