Wednesday, November 17, 2010

What I Wore Wednesday

 Hey! People its WEDNESDAY!!!!! I'm super excited Thanksgiving is just around the corner and I couldn't be Happier!!! Today was a great day! Even if it was a half day for the kids and the rest of the day in meetings. I got to help some of the Social Studies people with our new lesson plan program. Wow and let me tell you that teaching teachers is not the easiest! So I have been really loving this weather and really hopes that it sticks around for a bit longer.
   So I have tried to get back to taking a daily pic of my outfits but didn't do so well this week. I had a doctors appointment last week, my niece's 1st birthday, and my brother, sister in-law and the kids were all down for a visit. Tomorrow is my last day, I'm taking Friday off (yep, I'm using a personal day) and then Thanksgiving Break here we come!!!! I'm so happy that some of the family is coming in from TX. for the big Turkey Day. This was my Aunt Paula's favorite holiday and I really miss not having her here to tell stories with and to laugh so hard with that all of us get a great abdominal workout. I have been so blessed with such a wonderful family!! Ok, enough of my is what I wore:

Wednesday (today)
White long sleeve: Old Navy
Off White sweater: Gap
Black pants: Limited
Black shoes: TJ Maxx
Turquoise Scarf: ebay  

Thursday (doc appt)
White tank: Old Navy
Green and White sweater: Gap
Jeans: AE
Blue Bow Bonefish Flats: Dillard's $12 bucks!
Red Coral necklace with silver coin: Guatemala

Love these shoes!!! and just love the color!
*Please excuse the toes, I need a pedi so bad!!!

Tue: (last Tue)
Wow same cream sweater I wore today haha!!
Black pants: Gap
Zebra-stripe flats: Gap Outlet
Green and Turquoise scarf: ebay

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 -Till Tomorrow


Amber said...

Great shoes and such a wonderful colour but practical too. axx

Michele Alger said...

Love your whole outfit with the adorable blue shoes. Love it!

Anonymous said...

SO cute!