Monday, November 8, 2010

Yay its a Mental Health Day!!

   So I'm taking a Mental Health Day tomorrow, oh and going to an appointment. But more then anything I glad for a day to sleep in. I'm so ready for Thanksgiving Break!!! I have 8 school days left, since I'm also taking next Friday off as well. I do love my 10 personal days that we get with each new school year. 
Well today was just a typical Monday, not too much to write about. Right now in my Geography class we are learning about Africa. My kids are so funny, the littlest thing amaze them, like the fact that there is snow in Africa (do you know where??) and that there are white people in Africa as well. haha Next week is my favorite lesson by far, we will move onto India and I do this Fun lesson on the Caste system...Oh so much fun!! I have the kids running around with signs that read "Im a Popper scooper" and some of the other levels in the caste system. It so much fun and they always really enjoy and learn from this lesson. I told my principal that would make a great day to come in for an observation. Well I'm off to bed.
I will leave you with a few laughs that hit close to home for me this year    -Till Tomorrow

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