Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Martha's Brooch Necklaces and Some Other Stuff

All ready to go!!
Look at that clean desk!

   Today was such a productive day!!! I spent 6 hours working in my classroom and got so much done! I got everything cleaned, copied, organized and ready to go for the first day of the Spring semester.

I really wish I had another week off. I've been getting to work on some stuff that I've had for awhile and I have to say that I'm pretty happy with the results. I saw this really cute necklace on and decided to make one for myself. Now to make this "Statement" necklace I had to go to one of my favorite sites, eBay! These necklaces are made from old brooches and are so cute!! I really like the color, its different, but I'm working on a silver one as well.

All I had was pink ribbon for the pic but I'm going to use cream

Close up

Soon to be another one

Love these brooches!!!

 I've also been working on a scarf for my nephew. He requested orange, so orange it is. I also have plans to make a few more but with school starting up again who knows when they will be done.

    Besides working on some of my projects I have also been trying to spend some time with my Bible. I have also started reading "Having a Mary Heart in a Martha World." A great book that I have already read before but its that good and its been a while since I read it.
   So tomorrow is a girls day. Me and my sister are going do some shopping and then we are meeting up with some friends for dinner at the Melting Pot. Should be a fun day! -Till Tomorrow

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Allenia Allen said...

Love love love the necklaces! I will have to give that a go. Enjoyed your update...hope you are having a wonderful break. Hugs