Monday, December 20, 2010

How would I respond?

Its that time of year, Christmas, when I have to remind myself that the story of the virgin birth is not simply a story but a historical account. Its not some fairytale, but something that took place a real girl and guy that allowed God to turn their world upside down. I say that in a reverent sense, but when I think about this and read Luke 2:26-35 I wonder, "how would I respond to such an event in my life?" Think about it, Mary was planning a wedding, she and Joseph no doubt had plans, and then an angle appears and everything changes. Skip the honeymoon, and the first year of marriage without a kid, you not only get a child and your plans changed but can you imagine the responsibility of watching over the King of Kings. My sister worries when I keep her kid, and I will say that I am worried sometimes as well, I mean you really can't just apologize if something happens to someone's kid. I would have been a wreck thinking that I had to watch over the Savior of the World! I would have no doubt pulled a Bubble Boy kind-of deal. And lets go back to the beginning, I wonder how I would have responded to an angle appearing to me and basically saying don't finalize that wedding dress your going to need a few alterations to make room for the baby bump. God I would hope and pray that I would have responded the way she did. That I would also say, "be it unto me according to they word." So often we make plans and decided our future and forget that He has a perfect plan for us. I know that sometimes I fear the unknown and if things will happen for me or not, and then I read this and I am completely humbled and convicted. I wonder how she remained strong when people talked about her and assumed things, when she had to change all of her plans and then eventually deal with the heartache of the loss of her son. How strong a faith to walk a path that had never been seen or done? She could have said no, she could have said "thanks but I already have the dress and the honeymoon sweet, and I just don't think that this is the plan that I had for my life." I pray that I can have a fraction of her faith, that I can follow God's will for my life no matter the direction it may turn and what plans of mine it may upset. Because, you just never know when a little change up in our plans can cause a World of Good.

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