Friday, December 10, 2010

Monday to Friday

Yep, I haven't posted since Monday and the week has really flown by!! This was the last full week of school for this semester and I have to say that I have mixed fillings about the coming new school year. It's starting all over, training students about how my class runs and what is expected of them. I also have some pretty good classes this semester and I've just figured out some of my students lil quirks, so I will be starting all over.
  I'm so ready for the Christmas break. Two weeks of pure, work free, bliss!!! I do have a lot to get done before Christmas, I'm hoping to get some of my shopping done tomorrow.
So I have really been dealing with my dislike of rejection. Online dating can be pretty brutal! I was reminded today that I have done my fair share of rejecting and that maybe God is trying to show me how it feels so that I can be more understanding. So safe to say that I have yet to find ANYONE! Why is it that the thing that you want never seems to want you??? A few things that I have learned thanks to the whole online dating adventure is: the definition of a Christian is many things to many people, I don't understand boys no matter how old I get they just seem to befuddle me, I don't get the whole idea of this being fun, I don't understand why people just don't say what they mean, finally I have learned that there are a lot of fish in the sea but I think I must not know how to fish!
Well I guess we will just see...
-Till Tomorrow

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