Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Not One, But Two

   Yeah, so I was trying to avoid grading and the most logical thing to do with my time was to decorate my classroom!! So its really feeling a LOT like Christmas in my classroom after I put up not one, but two Christmas trees. I have the bigger tree that the kids can touch and the smaller tree behind my desk that is not touched by the lil angles. I learned my lesson about putting stuff in the lil angle's (I teach Freshmen and Seniors) reach after they killed my classroom fish last year by putting hand sanitizer in his bowl. Now anything I don't want them to touch has to go in my area, the perimeter around my desk, that is off limits. Well on top of my two trees, I have the cutest ginormous snowflakes hanging from my ceiling, my adorable Peanuts Gang Nativity, and my favorite Christmas stocking. Hope you enjoy!  -Till Tomorrow


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cute cute cute luv ya