Wednesday, December 22, 2010

What a way to end it

*Warning: Please read the following at your own risk. I will not take responsibility for you misreading and/or misinterpreting the following. It is stated from my own personal beliefs and for the most part comic relief. Most of the following, like a lot of what I say, is stated with strong undertones of sarcasm.*

   So I have called my short stint in the online dating world to an end...yep I'm done!! No I did not meet anyone, but I did learn a lil bit about myself in the Horrible process. The really funny part that I just have to share with all of you is this lil bit, this nugget that eharmony left me with. This is taken from their site and is what they tell you when you tell them to remove your profile...take a look, I thought it was pretty funny!!!

If you are closing your account because you've met a special person to share your life, on eHarmony or elsewhere, congratulations. If you haven't yet made that connection, I'd like you to consider the following points:
  • Research shows only 1 in 4 American marriages are actually happy.
  • Choosing the right mate is the KEY to creating a compatible, loving relationship.
  • Finding a soul mate on your own and knowing if you're really compatible has never been more confusing or difficult.
  • eHarmony's proven method of selecting compatible matches has helped create thousands of happy, successful relationships.
I have highlighted the really FUNNY parts for you. I love that the people that are supposed to be helping you find "the one" like to remind you that research shows that only 1 in 4 marriages are happy...WOW!! Just knowing that really makes me want to try to be the one that makes it. I mean who wouldn't want to try and be the one that breaks the statistics???
   So I continue to be single, which I believe vary well may be a statistic. Who knows what God has really, WHO knows???? I sure don't, He doesn't seem to want to clue me in on this part of my life. Oh well, life goes on and I plan on living it, enjoying it, and having all the fun that you can when your not married and can't have sex...I'm just saying.
-Till Tomorrow

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