Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Whats Really Important!!

   Ok, MAJOR emergency my coffee pot is on its last leg, its been leaking water out of the bottom. Also another major problem, my Chi seems to have a short and I have to hold the cord a certain way for it to work. Now you may be thinking that these items can't really contribute to a Major problem but now that they have been on the fritz I have learned just how important they are to me. I can't (well I don't want to) survive without coffee and when it comes to my hair...well its just not happening without my Chi Flat iron. I have a new coffee pot on its way and I'm not sure what I'm going to do about my flat iron? I know your probably thinking that I'm just a little dramatic, well whatever, I'm ok with that haha!!
   So I'm so excited that I already have my exams done and copied and ready to go. I still have a lot of final project grading left to do, thats how I can plan on spending both of my afternoons the next two days. I do love how these kids have slacked all semester and now they have the nerve to ask for bonus work!!! Bonus work?!!?? My response, "YOU should have just done the regular assigned work and you would be passing just fine!!!!!!!" Bonus work, I don't give no stinking bonus work! Only three more days to go and I have two weeks off!!
   I can't wait for this weekend! Friday is our tacky Christmas sweater party and then Sat. is dinner and the Nutcracker, I'm so excited about getting to see the Nutcracker!!! I'm sure I will be posting pics of the weekend and telling you all about the fun times. We are all wearing our tacky sweaters to school on Fri...Fun!    -Till Tomorrow

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