Sunday, January 31, 2010

The Day I turned 30!

  So today was just a regular old day. I did turn 30, but no big changes and I don't feel any different. My mom and dad gave me some nice gifts and my sis in-law and brother gave me some pretty jewelery. I had a ton of birthday wishes from all my wonderful friends on Facebook. 
  So only 2 weeks till I leave for my cruise!!! I'm so excited and so ready for sun and beaches. Now that my birthday is over and I'm two weeks from wearing a bathing suit, I really need to kick the diet into overtime!!! 
  Things have been going pretty good on accomplishing my 2010 goals. I have read my Jan. book and looking for Feb. If any of you have any book suggestion I'm all ears. I've also not had a soft drink in a month and I've post to my blog daily for a month now. 
Well I have a crazy week ahead of me and  I don't need to start it tired because I stayed up so late tonight. Oh, I'm looking for some new music...if you have any suggestions please leave them in a comment. 
                                              -Till tomorrow

Saturday, January 30, 2010

The Big 30

  Well Im on the eve of my 30th Birthday and I have to say that I don't feel 30! I'm also very blessed to look ten years younger then I am. Today was a fun day, my mom, my sister and my sister in-law and niece and I went to eat out and see a movie. It was good to see my sister in-law and niece. Molly is getting so big and she is just too cute. My mom treated all of us to an awesome lunch at New Orleans Seafood and Spirits and then we all went to go see "When in Rome." After watching the movie I really wanted to go back to Italy. I'm saving up my money for a trip to Ireland next year and then maybe after that back to Italy. My car has been making some funny noise and I think its my CV joints. I really need to start saving for a car. I refuse to buy a new car but I do need one that is a little younger then my poor old '98 Sentra. I'm trying to pay off my credit cards and my mom and trying to save up money for a car. I have submitted my application to teach overseas but have not heard anything yet. I have decided that if I don't hear anything by May I will sign another year with South Plaq. High. I would love the opportunity to teach overseas but I am also very comfortable at SPH. Plus, I work with a great staff and I really like to kids. So I'm thinking that if I stay that I'm going to start on my masters.
  So WOW, 30 years!! I look back and I don't have any regrets...I do kind-of wish I had maybe met someone along the way but then again maybe I wouldn't have gone and done the things I did. Who knows??? All I know is that I pray for another great 30 years. There has been a lot of changes, misadventures, let downs, surprises, sadness, happy times, losses, gains, blessings, fun times and the not so fun. In the past 30 years I have been a student (not a really good one in high school), a florist, youth pastor, dental assistant, college student, Hurricane Katrina refugee, homeless, American Eagle employee, vice president of an honor society, chi alpha small group leader, Lowes associate, college graduate, and high school teacher extraordinaire. I have been able to travel to: Venezuela, Alaska, Europe, China, and Europe again.
   So I'm looking forward to seeing what comes next!

Oh, and my mom got me one of Mrs. Carolyn's Awesome red velvet cakes!!! SO GOOD!!!!!! But I think it used up all of my Weight Watchers points for the month!

Friday, January 29, 2010

Glad that its Friday!

  So as I have stated in my previous post, Im so tired! Im going to go to bed before midnight tonight, but before hitting the bed I had to post.
I had a really good day and Im so proud of some of my kids. They had a project due and some of them turned in some really good and creative projects. Im also the Student Council sponsor and one of my kids did an awesome job creating the design for our Wacky Olympics t-shirts. Im so proud of them and their creativity.
 So Sunday is my 30th Birthday...Im not sure how I feel about this. Ive been doing a little reflecting and I will post something on that tomorrow or the next. So my Birthday is not going to be all that big a deal. My mom told me that she almost threw me a surprise party but just didnt know who would all be able to make it. Maybe for my 40th, who knows... Well Im falling asleep as I try to type this.
Here is a picture of my students project. It was a project on the state that they picked. They had to do research and then make a poster, collage, or a mobile. Most of my kids were a little lazy and did the poster, but one of my students really went all out. She picked Hawaii and did her project in the shape of a Hula dancer. They had to present the information from their research and she really did a good job. To show Hawaii's coffee crop she made the Hula girls hair out of coffee beans and then had all of her other information on small cards that she affixed to the hula skirt. She got a 105%.
I also got the best compliment today, the mom of the above student brought the project to school and then asked if she could sit in on my class. I told her, "of course." She then told me that her daughter just went on and on about my class and how much she likes it.  The mom helped with the project and she said that she also was really enjoying my class. So she stayed for the whole class and after she said that she wished she would have had a class like mine when she was in school. It felt really good to have someone validate all of the work I put into my class and classroom. But I am Blessed to Love what I do!!
Hula Girl 
(check out her earrings, they represent Hawaii being the 50th state)

Thursday, January 28, 2010


I'm exhausted!!! It has been the craziest week and I'm ready for it to slow down a little. I had class on Tue. and got home around 11:30pm. Then drove back to town Wed. (when we say town we're talking about 75 miles to New Orleans) for a doctor appointment and my diving refresher course. Then back to town today after work for my painting class. On top of all that I have detention Tue. & Thur. mornings so I have to be at work for 6:45. After all that said, I am really ready for Sun. and getting to sleep in! Well since its super, late and I'm about to fall asleep, I will end with my pictures for the day.
This was taken on my way to class.
"His Art"

This is what I worked on the last two classes. Not all the way finished yet.
"My Art"

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Air bubbles are pretty as they ascend from 14 feet below

I got my diving certification updated today and Im now ready for Belize!!! I about froze my butt off, it is to cold to be swimming. I did really enjoy floating on the bottom of the pool and watching the bubbles float to the top...I know, Im extremely easy to entertain! Im so excited to be able to go diving in Belize and Im really getting excited about the cruise.
Let me share my newest, bestest, all time favorite thing, my GPS on my Blackberry! I now am fearless in my driving. I used to not like to drive across the river or really anywhere that I had not already been to. I was always afraid of getting in a wreck as I frantically tried to find my destination. Now the lil voice tells me where to go and gives me a step by step to my desired location. I feel like I can go and find anything as long as the lil voice is leading me. Today it hit me that this was a little frighting, I just turned and went where she was telling me. There were some moments where I knew where I was, but there was also times where I was completely at the will of the little voice. I also just love that if I miss my turn then the lil voice tells me to make a U-turn and then redirects me. Wouldn't it be awesome if we had a lil voice that told us where and when to U-turn in life and when we need to merge or to stay straight. So thanks to my lil guiding voice, today I found my way to Fleurty girl's shop, my new dermatologist that is out in old Metairie, an art supply store and then onto Harry's Dive shop. I was all over the city and without fear baby!! I may not have known where I was going but I knew the lil voice would get me there. Now I know that some of you are going to read this and attribute this to one more way that the world is getting lazy and yet another thing that does all the work for you. But I know first hand that this one form of technology has helped to expand my world and has made me a MUCH safer driver. Oh, and my little trip to Fleurty girl's was so worth it! I wanted to buy the whole store, but settled on two shirts. I included pics of the ones I bought today but I plan on collecting all of them! If your from New Orleans and the surrounding areas you should so go check out Fleurty girl's.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Color is a Big Deal!

  I had my painting class tonight and we are working on out first project. The first project is meant to be a simple familiarization with the basics of painting, as well as the vocabulary associated with it. So we start with a simple geometric still life, meaning some 3-d shapes on a table. Now to start with, our project is done only in achromatic, which is Black and White. Achromatic means without color.  Now I love black and white, but when it comes to paint I LIKE Color!!!!! But I've taken a few painting classes and I understand the importance of starting off with the basics and then adding to that. Anyway, to the point as my mom says...After spending the night working with Black and White and shades of Gray (blah!!!) I started to really think more about color and its many complexities. We dont really ever stop to think about how we see color and the elements that help create the vibrant hues that shade and highlight our world. I vaguely recall a teacher telling me that nothing has color, its only thanks to the sun that we see the different colors. So as I drove home tonight after my class I noticed my prism that hangs from my rear view mirror and I was reminded of that. It was as if it hit me that we are all achromatic till the Son creates some color in our lives. And then as I looked at that small prism, and watched the way that the light hit it, I was reminded that its only able to reflect its color when the Light hits it. So I gave me lil prism a twirl, just because I love to see how it make little bits of color dance around my car, as if little fairies were fluttering here and there. Then as the prism started to slow down it was as if God showed me that the prism only reflects color because it has been cut and shaped to do so. Our world is blah in so many ways and only the Son can bring light and color to this world. We can reflect His light, but to do this He may have to take off a bit of our corners (our, pride, anger, impatiences, selfishness, doubt, and so many more that I tend to deal with!). To get the good light and colors you need a lot of facets and that requires giving up a little of ourselves. Just like with diamonds, you have to cut them and shape them for them to catch the best light.
  The older I get the more I realize that almost everything that is good does not come in what we view as a good way. I dont know about you but losing weight is hard! Being a better, more loving person is not always easy. And in most cases the the old saying applies, "Nothing good comes without hard work and determination." Even color, a day to day thing that I tend to take for granted, has a lot going on with it. I do know that I want to be reflecting color and light into the lives around me and I still have some corners and facets that need work! Well I hope that you reflect some light and add some color to your world!

Seascape Photogram
Created in my photography class using light sensitive paper and everyday objects. You place the objects on the paper and then expose it to light for a short moment. You then put the paper in the chemicals that you develop film in and it sets it. The place where the object was will remain white, while the rest of the paper turns black. This was to teach us the principle behind film. I really liked these and did a couple of them.

Both of these are great examples of achromatic.

Oh, and I included a tidbit about color for you to check out below.
So, what is Color? The color of anything in nature depends on the kind of light that it sends to our eyes. Our eyes can only see visible light, a form of electromagnetic energy, which sends out waves similar to the waves a rock makes whenwave form diagram  tossed into a still pond. There are many kinds of electromagnetic energy waves, such as x-rays (shortest), ultraviolet rays, visible light, infared rays, and radio waves (longest). The visible spectrum is only a narrow sliver of the electromagnetic spectrum.
Light is essential to our perception of color. The apparently white light from the sun actually contains all of the possible color variations. Just as each portion of the electromagnetic spectrum has a corresponding wavelength, each color in the visible spectrum has its own wavelength. Reds have the longest wavelengths, and deep purples have the shortest. The color of an object depends on what type of light is hitting it, what colors are absorbed by the surface of the object, and what colors are relected back to our eyes.

Monday, January 25, 2010

One Cup to take the chill away

I was reading and felt a chill. So to fix that I felt the call of the mint Hot Cocoa. And what would be Hot Cocoa with out marshmallow?? 
So I have been reading my book Traveling Light and the chapter that I just finished was about loneliness. All of us experience it at one point or another. I have felt it lately. I have been going through a lot of changes, some good and some not all that great. But changes are inevitable and some times the necessary evil. Over the past year I have seen so many changes in my life, and have experienced loneliness. I have drawn away from people that I was very close to, and Im in that place where I dont really have someone to really share with. For the longest time now I have been praying Ps. 119 : 33-34. In these couple of verses David prays to God that He would, "make me to go unto they paths for there in do I delight." The first time I read it it hit me and I could understand Davide's desire. He wanted so bad to follow after God but he was humble enough to say to God, "Your going to have to help me and make me do it." I desire to trust in God, to have faith, to know that He has a perfect plan for my life, to trust Him that I will not always be alone...and so I pray and I pray, "God, Make me to go in thy path for therein do I delight." So having said that and prayed it, while I was reading this book Lucado says that sometime to get us to follow in His path He has to block out all the other distractions. Sometimes God gives us no other choice but Him. I would have to say that in this season of my life he is the one and only that I share everything with. It was not always the case. Maybe God allows some people to drift apart so that in our loneliness we turn to Him. I have to remember that no matter the season or the change, my life is Father filtered! This feeling of loneliness....well, this to shall pass.
Also, I want to say thanks to Jessica for her comments. You are such an encourager!!! If for no one else I write for you (especially since you seem to be the only one reading haha). But I started this not for the comments but in some small hope that maybe, just maybe, something I say could help or inspire someone...but if all else fails I hope that I can at least make you laugh!

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Who Dat!!!

  So tonight the Saints made LA history and they are going to the Super Bowl!!!!! Yay! Awesome job boys! I'm not even a football person but I watched this game. I put it on at first just to see what would happen and thought I would get some grading done. I did get some grading done but it took a lot longer since I really started to watch the game. Now I'm not all that familiar with the game, thanks to Courtney I now know that it has quarters instead of innings. But I knew enough to watch it and I have to say that I really enjoyed it! I may just have to watch the Super Bowl game. So now as New Orleans and the rest of the state basks in the warm glow of the win I hope that they can take it all the way. The city really needed this. Well work tomorrow should be interesting. In honor of the win I will have to do one of my fleur de lis in black and gold.
  As I type this I have suddenly realized that this month is almost over! It has gone by so FAST!!! I really need to finish Jan. book and start looking for some books to take with me on my cruise. That is a sign of a really good vacation when you can read at least 5 books. On my Europe trip I think I read 8 or 9! I can't wait till we go but I have so much to get done from now to then. I have my appointment to take my diving refresher course this Wed. Im so excited to get to go diving in Belize!!
 Ok, so one of the teachers just called and she said the text rumor going around is tomorrow is going to be a skip day at school. Well Im off to bed. My picture of the day is of my grading that I got done tonight. It took me a lot long since I got so interested in the Big Game! 

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Just a Saturday...

Foggy Day

I played around a bit with color and contrast. 

 Weird weather today, but still kind-of cool with the fog. I took today's picture at the Fort Jackson. I had a pretty relaxed Sat. I worked on filling out customs forms for the 30 boxes were sending to the soldiers. So I had my first week of painting classes and I had to get back into the swing of things. So my new favorite quote right now is "Experience is a brutal teacher, but you learn. My God, do you learn."  — C.S. Lewis.

Friday, January 22, 2010

Flying By

So this week just flew by!!! Only 22 more days and I will be cruising down to the Caribbean. Then when I get home from my 7 days of island hopping, shopping, diving, and lots of lazy tanning, I'm going to see Wicked!!! I have to go and take a diving refresher course before my cruise, so I figure I will have to get my monies worth and go on another dive trip this year. I'm going to forgo the big, Expensive, trip this summer and pay off some bills and save for my trip to Ireland next year. Well I have to get up early tomorrow so that I can get the rest of the stuff in the boxes for Project, Mardi Gras Iraq. We are so excited to be sending 30 boxes of snacks, toiletries, socks, candy, Lots of Beads and Mardi Gras goodies. We also had some of the kids create cards and the art classes made masks and beads to send. My picture for today is of me and my kids with the cards that we made in class.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

A short one tonight

So Im super tired tonight and I dont really have much to say. I had my painting class tonight and I felt a lil rusty to be painting again. But excited to be back at it. Oh, and my Wicked tickets came in YAY!!!! and I booked me and Heidi's excursions for the cruise. I also made appointments to take my diving refresher course, get my hair cut, and to go to my new dermatologist.
So I have been reading my friend Ash's blog and loved that she does a "10 Things I love." So Im going to steal it from her and do my own. They say that if you steal, steal from the best.

Love this with all its color!!!

The Best coffee ever!

This just makes me lauge...I know how she feels

Love the Peacock feathers

Love this whole outfit!!!

Love this...I want one

Love the colors

This is soo Cute

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

It Feels Good to Have a Cause

  Being a teacher has so many benefits, the kids, summers off, teaching young minds, helping shape lives, and my all time favorite has to be organizing the classroom and other's lives. But these were the things that I knew about teaching, the benefits that are supposed to make up for the lack of pay. What I never really knew, since I was home schooled, was the way that the school seems to create its own little world and the ability of someone to organize this little world to do good. Now for those of you that may not know, I am the Student Council sponsor.  I never really even knew what student council was till I was in charge of it, I got a crash course, to say the least! Well, once I started doing a little research I found that a student council not only assisted the student body but they were involved in philanthropy projects. I have found that if you want to push a cause, get the kids at school involved! And if you really want to see involvement, make it some form of competition. I have really enjoyed this part of the job, finding a good cause, getting the kids involved and being apart of something that makes a difference.
  At Christmas time we decided to team up with Soldiers Angels and send Christmas cards and goodies to soldiers in Iraq. Our little school of 300 sent over 900 cards and four boxes of goodies!!! We also have had some help from my church and some local businesses. So we have decided to team up with Soldiers Angels again and send Mardi Gras to Louisiana boys serving in Iraq...a little bit of home in the big sandbox. My mom and some of the ladies on the church have also joined with us to send a Mardi Gras care package to 30 La. soldiers. We have also done Toys for Tots, collected cell phones for battered woman's shelter, collected paper for PAWS, and were looking into adopting a soldier and the kids told me yesterday that they really felt that they needed to do something for the people in Hatti.
So we have gotten the rest of the school involved and the art classes have been making Mardi Gras masks to put in the boxes and my kids are going to be making cards. It feels so good to be apart of a good cause and to make a difference!!
So my picture for today is of one of the masks that the kids made. I encourage all of you to find philanthropy effort and jump right in and make a difference. We tend to complain about the government not doing enough, but in the good old days it was the community and neighbors that lent a hand, helped make a difference. Now days we as a society seem to be so inward focused, when we should be outward focused. Now I know first hand that there are a lot of people out there that have the outward focus down pat. These wonderful men and women helped our community so much after Katrina, and many have returned multiple times to lend a hand. So if your wanting to get involved and not sure how here are some web sites that can help out...check them out and start focusing beyond your own bubble.
Convoy of Hope
LA Soldiers Angels
Red Cross
National Soldiers Angels

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Just some thoughts

  Wow! So I had my first class tonight. I just have to say that I miss Nicholls, and community college is...well, community college. I was so looking forward to  a painting class and was thinking that I was going to get something like what they offer at NSU. But to my dismay it appears that will not be happening. I will be painting so I guess I will just have to be thankful for that. Tonight I got home and got to spend a few minuets with my lil niece Sophie. She is getting so big and growing up so fast. Both of my nieces and my nephew and just getting so big. My lil nephew Max is such a lil man. He is just too cute. Sometimes he talks to me and I swear that he is turning 16 and not 6 in a few weeks.
 Well things are going great at work. Its so funny that I love teaching geography so much, and that it was the one subject that I really didn't want. Funny how things work out.
Well its late and I have so much left to get done before turning in for the night. Here's my daily picture, my niece Sophie, and I included one of my favorite pictures of my other two favorite kids.

Sophie, Max, and Molly.
The Most Awesome, Coolest, Bestest Kids in the whole wise world!!!!!!...
or, at least thats what their Nan Syl thinks

Monday, January 18, 2010

A Bright Day!

  Today was a very productive day for me. I slept in late (thanks to Dr. King), Worked out!!, wrote in my journal, cleaned the bathroom, folded clothes, and graded a HUGE pile of student's work. After all of that, I spent some time in my craft/office/second closet working on my calender. As I have stated before in a previous post, I was sick of my plain jane, boring calender and decided to make some changes. But before that I also read my Bible.

 I read a good bit of Genesis today and wow..."he begat this one, and that begat that one." Im wondering why there is the "begat" roll call? I cant say that having read it I learned anything and I guess saying that about a part of the Bible, well its kind-of unsettling for the church girl in me. I then jumped over to read the book of Jonah, it was my attempt to feel a sense of accomplishment, and well I have to say that I got more out of those chapters. I really enjoyed chapter 4:6-11. In this chapter Jonah has finally given in and gone were God told him to go...well come on, how many of us wouldn't after being swallowed by a whale and then vomited up on a beach?? Well anyway, so he's in Nineveh and he's pretty mad that God wants to save the city. So he goes outside the city and watches almost in anticipation to see what Gods going to do to it...sounds to me like he's waiting on some "Hellfire and Brimstone." Well God makes this gourd to grow and give Jonah shade, (how awesome that God loved him enough to care that the sun shone on him!) but then the next day He allows a worm to kill it. So the next day the sun shines bright and Jonah is very angry to find that the gourd is dead. This is when it really gets to the nitty gritty. God says Jonah, 
"You had pity on the gourd which you had neither labored over, neither made to grow, and which came up in a night and died in a night. But you a dont think I should spare Nineveh, which has thousands of people." 
Seems to me that this was a two fold lesson: 
1. We tend to take offense for the things that affect us, just as Jonah was a bit upset about losing his shade. And in most cases the things that we tend to pay so much attention to are things that have little effort, substance, or purpose.
2. We sometimes lose sight of the fact that its people that matter and just because we right them off does not mean that God has. And sometimes God removes things in our lives so that we can focus on what really matters...People!
  So that was what I got, but who knows I could be way off. I pray that I don't lose sight of people and that I never forget that showing the Love of God should come first.
I have included some pictures of my Bright calender...Hope that you have a Bright Day!!


Sunday, January 17, 2010

Working on Creating

  So Im excited to have tomorrow off thanks to Dr King. So, since I have had more time I have been working on my list. I have been creating, reading, and writing. I have to say that one of the things on my list was to read through the Bible and I thought that I would jump around rather then start in Genesis. I also was hoping to read some of my book for Jan. and I went and left it at work. But I am creating on this long weekend. Here are a few of my Fleur-de-lis for my series. I just finished the Green fleur-de-lis tonight. Tell me what you think.
I like the green and black one. And I kind-of like the Bright one, but Im not liking the background. Will keep working on them. Im also hoping to finish my calender project and will post a pic when Im done.

         ~Really we create nothing. We merely plagiarize nature~ 
-Jean Baitaillon

Saturday, January 16, 2010

At Set of Sun

Today's Sunset

At Set of Sun
If you sit down at set of sun
And count the acts that you have done,
And, counting, find
One self-denying deed, one word
That eased the heart of him who heard,
One glance most kind
That fell like sunshine where it went-
Then you may count that day well spent.

But if, through all the livelong day,
You've cheered no heart, by yea or nay-
If, through it all
You've nothing done that you can trace
That brought the sunshine to one face-
No act most small
That helped some soul and nothing cost-
Then count that day as worse than lost.
                                                  GEORGE ELIOT 

We Need to Do Something!!!!

  Im sure that all of you have heard the terrible news of what has happened in Haiti and its people. I wanted to share some information with you on how you can get involved with the help. I know that a lot of you want to help but your not sure how or not sure what group you can give to that wont use most of your donated funds to pay salaries of the people that work for them. So I have included some information here to point you in the right direction. I have worked with this group in the past and know that they truly do what they say and that the funds and contributions go to the people in need. They were also one of biggest help to our area following Katrina. Here is something that I took from the Convoy of Hope's cause page on Facebook.

In the wake of Haiti’s 7.0 earthquake, Convoy of Hope relief teams are on the ground in Port-au-Prince distributing food, water, medicine and more. Water purification units are also being implemented.
You can help by inviting 60 more friends to the cause.
When the earthquake hit, Convoy’s country director was in Port-au-Prince. And because Convoy’s warehouse was fully stocked, the team was able to begin responding immediately with 50,000 meals. 
One load of relief supplies is being airlifted shortly and another truckload of food and medicine just arrived from the Dominican Republic. Additional loads are being readied for immediate shipment and distribution at several points of distribution in Port-au-Prince. 
More supplies are critically needed. View a video update here from Hal Donaldson, president of Convoy of Hope
Security personnel have been retained to protect the relief workers. Volunteer teams are being asked to register at However, until Convoy of Hope can ensure their safety, volunteers will not be deployed.
“The best way to assist the people of Haiti right now,” says Hal Donaldson, president of Convoy of Hope, is by making a cash gift. “This is a major disaster that requires a major response. We’re encouraging people to join with their family and friends and make a sacrificial gift so more people can receive help. Our pledge is to stretch every dollar to minister to as many suffering people as possible.”

So if your looking for a way to help the people in Haiti this is a great group to contribute to!! They helped us some much down here in South LA after Katrina! Go join the cause and donate. You can donate knowing that your funds will go to help the people that really need it. Love Convoy of Hope and their mission! GO JOIN!!! Especially all of you that got help after Katrina...its time to give back!

Friday, January 15, 2010

BEEPPPP...the following is a Public Service Announcement!!

Ladies!!!! As a public service I write today's post to announce that Dillard's is having a 70% SALE on Shoes!!!! And Im not talking about the ones that no one wants, these are some great finds! Im talking Big names like, Cole Haan's, Blowfish, Coach, Unlisted, Antonio Melani, and Alex Marie, to just name a few.
  So today I spent the day in Professional Development seminars. I, and most of my colleagues, will agree that in most cases these days are usually a huge waste of time. I was so happy to go to my first class and to really enjoy it! Also, the morning session was not only engaging, but I walked away with some really great strategies that I can implement in my classroom. So I was thinking "Ok, this day may not be a total waste of time," when I thought to soon. Following lunch we then went on to three 35min classes on different topics. Well the day pretty much went downhill from there on. In the last class I scanned the class and counted four people sleeping and three playing with their phones. After a day of classes and training I had a little more sympathy for what my kids go through, but then again I think my classes are a lot more fun then what I was in today. There were no projects, current events, colors, chatting about the topic, music playing in the background, or strange or interesting facts. Just information and a very monotone speaker...I on the other hand have not, nor ever will be, titled as monotone! So I tried to salvage the day and do what Nicholls' Education department drilled into my head, and that is to learn in every classroom. Learn what to do in the good ones and what not to do in the bad ones.
  Having made it through the day, I felt that I deserved a little treat in the way of a manicure and pedicure (plus I just got my bonus check and decided that I was going to take $100 of it to spend however). So Sammie, Heidi, and I went straight to the nail salon for a lil R&R. Then following a wonderful, blissful, hour in the massage chair I still had some money left and decided I was in need of some apparel therapy. It was during my therapy season that I stumbled across the awesome sale! It was defiantly a turning point in my therapeutic recovery LOL!!!  Well Im super excited that I have an extra day off and I'm hoping to spend Monday painting! I have included a picture of the two pairs of shoes, that together totaled $24 bucks!!!
   So if you get the chance and need a little apparel therapy to get you through, then head on over to Dillard's or Marshall's (they had a pretty good sale as well) and get to work on that therapeutic  breakthrough.

Love the Blue!! And it seems that I have a thing for Houndstooth lately.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Ok, first let me clear something up...One of my friends posted a comment and said that she thought that I was not going to eBay and buy anything but necessities. Well I do have something like that on my list, but there was NO way that I was going the whole year without Ebaying it up, or buying anything but the "needs."  So if you thought that then go back and read that again...It states the following
"5. Go two months without spending anymore besides bills, gas, and meds...Im going to need the meds for this one."
Phew!! I just have to do it for two months, and Im going to try and pick two months that will be easy!
Doing a lil Yoga

So, now on to today's post.
"Magazines say Im overweight.

The Wii says Im normal (whats that?).

I feel like Im one cupcake away from being thick and non bikini wearing.

And well my Dad says Im perfect...

Who's right?... My Dad of course!"                                                      
Despite the illusion that is my Dad's view of me, I have come to grips that I need to get into shape and tone up.  that So I stated yesterday that I was going to get off the couch and exercise! So I did the Bender Ball workout and boy was I feeling it!!! And let me just put this out there...I hate how all the people that make exercise videos always have these huge plastered on smiles. Come on people! There she is all smiles while she is asking "You feel it, you feel the burn?" Well I was feeling it and there was no smiling     happen. My face, no doubt, looked like I was straining like a hippo in labor. But I did it and even did some yoga and threw in some pilates. I figured I might as well go for it since I was already feeling the "burn." I think I know where the burn originated from, well in my case, from my thighs rubbing together! So now I'm feeling good that I made myself exercise, but the real key is to do it again. I have an idea that tomorrow Im not going to want to...I will be sitting in a professional development meeting from 7:45am to 3:15pm YAY...(there is sarcasm so thick there!!!)  But Im super excited that I have Monday off and will be sleeping in late and doing some painting and creating. And maybe, just maybe, I may go walk or do something physical. I really need to call and find out about my diving refresher course so that I can go on a dive in Belize. Only 30 more days till we leave and I have to get into a bathing suit!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

A Few of My Favorite Things

My daily photo is a lovely picture of a very small portion of my growing collection.

  I know your probably wondering what happened to the changes? I tend to be a bit OCD (Just ask my family and me students) and it was a little off a bit and was bugging me so I changed back to what I know works.
  So I have really been enjoying teaching this semester!  And so happy to have so much less stress in my life. Well I finalized my registration for my painting class. Im super excited to be back in art classes!!! I can't believe that we only have 4 weeks till our cruise. And I don't know what I was thinking when I said yes to a cruise in Feb.?? That is not even close to being enough time to get into bathing suit shape. I got the cutest new paisley bathing suit and much to my own personal horror I, for some reason, thought that I was ready to try it on...well that was not true! Much to my own shock and dismay I still dont know what I was thinking?? I got the Binder Training Program (the exercise program with the lil green ball) in the mail the other day and the most that I have done with it was to sit in my chair and watch it. You see, I thought that it was imperative to my well being and health that I watch it through the first time to have some understanding and expectations. Well, that has been the extent of my exercise so far...what exercise you ask? Well the bending over to put the DVD in and then taking it out...of course! I have been dieting but I fear that the time has come to get more proactive in my efforts to rid myself of the large things that some may call hips. God, I wish I had a magic wand to make it all go away. Wouldn't life just be grand if we did have that? I wouldn't go overboard with it...I swear!!! I would of course add to the above collection and with names such as: Juicy, Jimmy Choo, Manolo Blahnik, Marc Jacobs and Kate Spade's. I would also wave my lil magic wand and also do some good as well.
  Well tomorrow is the day. I will, I promise, START my exercise program!! Well I said that I would go to bed at 9:30 and that seems to have been just a fleeting statement, but now I really need to get to bed so that my Dad doesn't have to call and wake me up at 7am! And the best part is that I slept through 3 alarm clocks! So Im off to bed and hoping that tomorrow my cute new hounds tooth coat comes in! Will no doubt post a pick of the new, Really Cute coat! Oh, and Im just loving eBay...I got the cutest hounds tooth cashmere scarf, and I only paid $15 for it!! Ok, enough of my ramblings.
Have a Happy Thursday

Tuesday, January 12, 2010


So as you can see I have made some changes to the blog. I learned a lot and I found out that you can pretty much learn a lot about stuff just by searching a question. Everyone out there in the www seems very helpful in posting how-to's. So I spent my night in my chair playing and learning how to change fonts in HTML, how to find helpful info, and that when searching you have to wade through a lot of stuff sometimes to find what you are looking for. Well Im off to bed. Tell me what you think of the new look...and you can comment on here. People read the blog and then seem to return to my Facebook and leave a comment. Well hope that you have a have a Happy Hump Day! I cant believe that were almost done with the 2nd week of Jan!!!!

A pic of where I spent most of me evening...

Monday, January 11, 2010

So Loved!

How Cute is this picture!!!!! My Daddy wrote this on my widow for me to find when I went to work this morning (and this is a sign that it is to darn COLD when you can do this in South LA!)
I'm so Blessed to have such a wonderful set of parents. I'm also so thankful that they have invested so much into my life and continue to do so in so many ways. I'm also thankful to them for doing home school with me. I used to think I was thankful but now that I'm teaching in the school system there is a greater appreciation for what they did for us.
I got the cutest message from a friend of mine today. She does home school with her children and was helping her son with math and one of the examples used a teacher called Ms. Latham, and she said that she thought of me the rest of the day. I love that she does home school with her kids! To me she is such a hero and her kids will be so thankful for what their parents are doing for them. After being a teacher in the public school system I really believe that if it is at all possible that I want to do home school if I ever have kids. We cant take any of our money with us, or any of our earthly possessions, but what does cross over and counts in Heaven are the deposits that we make in others lives. As parents thats a big responsibility, to have control over the shaping of a lil life. One that I'm not sure I will ever be responsible for, and in some ways, the idea and weight of it kind-of freaks me out. But not something I have to worry about anytime soon! I try to remember everyday at work that the students that I come into contact with may not have a single person that cares about them, is kind to them, or just asks them how they are doing.  Growing up in a family where there is so much love I sometimes take these things for granted.
  On a side note I am happy to write that I am now enrolled back in college to work on what I hope will be my second degree. I'm going to take some art classes and maybe, who know, get my degree in art. This is something I've been wanting to do, so I'm starting off slow and only taking one class this semester but I'm so excited to be taking a painting class and back to creating. Well got to get to bed I've got detention in the morning and 15 students that are going to be doing some writing about how them plan to mend their ways.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Got #12 Taken Care Of!!

That people is my confirmation for my Wicked tickets!!!! YAY! So that takes care of
#12 on the list. Im just checking them off and working on the rest.
Church tonight was really good! Dad talked about being conformed to the image of God. As he was speaking I had an image of a cookie cutter in my mind.  I was thinking that anytime you conform something to an image that means change. Think about that cookie cutter and how it conforms the dough to its image, it has to cut away somethings.  Sometimes being like Christ requires letting God cut away the things that we cant fit into His shape. I want to be like Christ but I dont always look forward to the cutting away part. And if you have every made cookies, even before you use the cookie cutters you have to roll out the dough so that you can cut the shapes. I know that there has been times in my life when I felt like God was just flatting me out and then cutting me up...and then dont even get me started on going in the oven haha (ok I know, enough with the cookie metaphors).
Anyways I hope that I can be shaped into the image of God and used for His glory! And I pray that He cuts away the stuff that keeps me from conforming to Him.

A Day @ Scrapalicious= A Day of Fun!

So today was a really fun day. I got to spend the day chatting and creating with three really great women, Ashley, Vera and Mrs. Lilly. I loved Ashley's class, and the fact that I have a finished project. I also love that we listed the things that we would do this year, as well as, the things we won't.
  If your looking for a creative outlet check out the best Scrapbook shop around. Well I'm off to write in my journal...Oh, and my word for this past week was Stalwart.
Stalwart –adjective
1. strongly and stoutly built; sturdy and robust.
2. strong and brave; valiant: a stalwart knight.
3. firm, steadfast, or uncompromising: a stalwart supporter of the U.N.

I want people to say that I was a stalwart Christian.

So I'm looking for my new word for next week, anyone have some suggestions for me?? Please comment and leave me a suggestion for my new word of the week. Thanks for reading!

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Packed Up, Having Fun, and Enjoying the Weekend!!!

  This has already started to be a great weekend starts the moment that the 3 o'clock bell rings on a Friday. I went tonight to go see "Leap Year" with two of my friends Heidi and Kayce.  Afterwords we tried out Phở Mỹ Á Vietnamese Restaurant and it was really good!
So after a good movie and a great meal and good conversation I am now home and trying to get warm. But the weekend is not over and I've still got plans! Im getting up tomorrow and loading up all my scrapbooking stuff to head to Thibodaux for a class. My friend Ashley is teaching a class and we will be learning some new techniques and make a really cute page about New Year's resolutions. I'm really excited about this class and so proud of myself for doing it. I'm really glad that I'm doing more, being more creative and really sticking to my commitment to do more then stress and work. So I'm all packed up, and boy do I have a ton of scrapbooking stuff, and ready to be inspired and creative. I'm also excited because tomorrow at noon Wicked tickets go on sale and I'm getting mine! Well I hope that you take time for yourself, do something you have been telling yourself you should do and remember that we should...

-Linger a Little Longer-
I have these moments were I look back and wish I would have lingered a little longer. Don't we all have these, no not really regret, but I wish for the future by reflecting on the past. I know that there are moments in my life where I would have stayed a little longer, held a moment longer, breathed in a little deeper, absorbed a little more, felt a little longer, played a little harder and hugged a little more. There are those moments in life that we go back to and desire to grasp the feelings that we experienced. I can still recall the feel of the wind on my face as I stood at top of one of the Swiss Alps, or the smell of my baby nephew when he was a baby, you know that clean baby smell. I can sometimes remember how it felt when my Grandma used to hug me and till to this day holidays remind me of my Grandpa and how much he loved having all of us there at the house for them. I wish I would have absorbed more of those lazy summer days that I spent floating around the pool with Bri and Amy, those were the days! There are just some moments that we need to linger a little longer in, I guess that was what they meant when they said "stop and smell the roses"

Thursday, January 7, 2010

A Colorfull Day!

  Today was such a great day. My classes are still in the Honeymoon stage since its the first week. I really enjoyed teaching today. We did one of my favorite lessons, the human globe, to review basic geography skills. I have all the kids move their desks into a large circle and then label one of the students as North. I then have signs for the students to label the rest of the coordinates. Then to review longitude and latitude I have yarn that the students label and stretch across the circle to mark things like the equator. So they are stringing yarn across the room and labeling a giant human globe. Then I have them create a globe on a balloon (which they love!!). So all around a fun time and its always a joy to teach something that the students really get. My civics class was also a hoot today as well...Those kids crack me up!! Today they were leaning about different forms of government and then they had to create their own country with a government, flag, laws, rights, slogan, and seal. Its always funny to see what they come up with but today was just stinking hilarious. I feel so blessed to have a great job and days when I get to laugh.
   So thanks to my geography kids and their colorful globes, I have a very bright & colorful room that helps cheer all of us up with this dreary weather.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010 cold

Ok, I love that we have different season just for the simple reason that I get to wear all of my warm stuff from my wardrobe. But this weather has been pretty brutal. All I have wanted to do is stay bundled up at home in front of my heater. I'm definitely a summer beach girl. I'm so excited that I will be leaving for my cruise in only 5 weeks!!! One of the major reasons that I'm so excited is because I have never been on a cruise and Ive also never been to Mexico or Belize. While in Belize I'm going to get to log a dive so that will take care of #19 on the list. So I guess till my cruise, the only warmth I will have will be coming from my heater.