Sunday, February 28, 2010

Been on Ebay!

  So Ive been wanting to start a charm bracelet and I have found the one that I want to collect. I have fallen in love with the charms and charm bracelet by Juicy Couture!!! I have won one charm and the bracelet. My first charm is a four leaf clover, my favorite!!! So it will have to be my yearly gift to myself to add a charm to my bracelet.

  I'm up really late and I don't want to start my week out tired, so I'm going to cut it really short and call it a night. Got a doctors appointment tomorrow and its going to be a busy day!

-Till Tomorrow

My pic for the day, my niece Sophie and I. She's growing up so fast!!!

Saturday, February 27, 2010

A wonderful relaxing Saturday with some retial therapy

I left all the papers to be graded at school and looked forward to a work free weekend. I figured I would get to them on my planning period on Monday and enjoy my weekend. I spent the day inside enjoying doing a little retail therapy. I found out that Forever 21 has a website and I found some really great finds. I also updated my cell phone to the new BB Curve. I'm pretty excited about my new phone, and the fact that BB now has software that will let all of my MAC programs sync with my phone. I love my MAC, but I also love my Blackberry! I'm also very much in love with my iPod touch and the fact that it can get Kindle books on it. My Dad's always making fun of me and my love of gadgets. I don't really think I have one, I really don't have the money to truly have an obsession. But I do have a LOVE for gadgets, shoes, and all things that sparkle and shine. So today was a fun day of indulging in my three loves, and thanks to my all time favorite form of technology (my baby, my MAC) I got to do it from my sofa. Besides some online shopping I did manage to get a little bit done today. I had to work on my collage for my painting class. I had to go through magazines and gut out designs and textures to create a collage, which I will then paint.
Well its late so,
                   -Till Tomorrow

Here's a picture of my collage that will be turned into a painting

Friday, February 26, 2010

A few cents really add up

If you have read my blog at the beginning of the year then you know that I have a list of things that I want to accomplish this year. I have to say that Im pretty proud of myself and the progress that Im making on the list. I was so excited that I accomplished half of #7, which was paying off the money that I owe my mom. Im even more excited because the other half of #7 is to also pay off a credit card and Im almost there. I may even be able to pay off two cards this year!!! I've also started to put money aside for a new car. Im not looking to get one yet but I know Im going to eventually have to replace my poor little Sentra. I can't wait till Im completely debt free! Im on my way and it feels good to see myself making some headway.
As far as the rest of the rest of the list, I logged two dives in  Belize, so that takes care of #19. I also got my ticket in for Wicked, so that will take care of #12 Go see a Broadway show. I also said that I would read a book a month and my book for Feb. is Glenn Beck's Common Sense: The Case Against an Out-of-Control Government, Inspired by Thomas Paine. Its pretty good and really a great read for me as I teach my Civics class. I also read four books while on my cruise, but those were "no brain" reading, but didnt count those as my one a month books. 
Well Im looking forward to sleeping in tomorrow and spending a relaxing day around the house. It seems that we will be getting some pretty bad weather, so it may be a day of reading for me. I hate that the weather is going to be so bad. My nephew's birthday party is tomorrow in Baton Rouge and they may be getting snow...I dont drive in snow! Im so sick of all the cold and rainy weather. It was so nice this afternoon that I took my Civics class outside to do our work. 
                                                           -Till Tomorrow

Thursday, February 25, 2010

So Tired!!!!!!

Today was kind-of crazy at work. I started my day at 5am and got to work for 6:30 for my detention duty. My fourth hour class was crazy and then I had after school tutoring. After all that I drove an hour and half to my painting class. Thank God that tomorrow is Friday!!!! I also just want to say that Im so sick of this cold weather! Im so ready for some nice warm sunny days...Summer can't get here soon enough!
   -Till Tomorrow
My picture for today was taken on my way to town. I love this house!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Losing my patience

   Me and my new lil kitten are still getting used to each other. Its also been a long time since I had a kitten and I forgot how crazy hyper they can be. I have to say that I did lose my patience last night and was shouting at the cat to shut up so I could sleep. I've also was having to swat him away as I was trying to get some stuff done on my computer.
   I can't even imagine if I had kids. I have seen that that I am very selfish, when I get home I'm so used to doing what I want and not having to worry about anyone or anything. As I was fussing with the cat, because he had once again thrown cat litter out of the box, I remembered the movie "28 Days." The movie 28 Days is a 2000 American drama film directed by Betty Thomas. Sandra Bullock plays Gwen Cummings, a newspaper columnist obliged to enter rehabilitation for alcoholism. So while in rehab she goes to group meetings and one of the questions that everyone has is when will they know when they will be ready for a relationship. The counselor tells them that what they should do after getting out of rehab is to get a house plant. Water it and care for it and in 6 months if its alive...nope no relationship yet, but then they are ready to get a dog or a cat. If they can care for it, and the plant, for a year then they are ready for a relationship. The movie ends with the main character going to pick out a plant and while at the florist she runs into one of the people from the group meetings, one that had been very focused on knowing when he could be able to handle a relationship, and he is there arguing with the florist. In one hand he holds a dead plant while the other is holding a leash with a sad looking puppy on the end. He is frantically trying to explain to the florist that it had to be a faulty plant and that it was not him. He is also trying to explain that the plant just cant be dead, and then he see the main character and states that he's never going to be in a relationship. Its all very comical end to a very serious movie. 
   Well, all that to say that I have had my house plants for over a year, but this kitten may be the sign that I just might not be ready for relationship...but then again thats just a movie. And like Ive been telling my kids, after they thought that the story of Jack and Rose on the Titanic was real and that the very large blue diamond was at the bottom of the sea, you cant believe everything you see in the movies!
I still don't know how some people do it, how do they go to work all day and then come home to their family and things to do at home? Well that was just some of my random thoughts.
                                                                               -Till Tomorrow
The Culprit

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Way to late!

   I should already been in bed by now. I had my painting class tonight and then got home to a very hyper, crazy, kitten!!! I swear this cat has lost his mind and is bouncing from one thing to another...I swear I almost looked to see if he had springs on his feet. He also thinks it fun to hide and jump out and attack me.
   So it seems that my kids were happy to see me at school. They were also very excited to see all the new things that I had brought back from my trip. I also showed them some of my pictures, which worked out great since we had just finished the unit on south America. I can't believe that we only have two weeks until our exams, and that means that we only have nine weeks of school left!!!
   I'm really excited about our upcoming project in my painting class. Were going to make a collage and then paint it, should be a lot of fun!! Well not much to blog about today. I did take my daily pics, I took some of the masks that I got for my class. They loved them all!!! Oh, and I also got a Mayan calender. Some of my kids seem to believe whatever they see in the movies or on tv and said that they believed that the world was going to end in 2012. So I got them the calender and explained to the what our Mayan tour guide told us when we went for our tour of the ruins. He explained that just like we have a leap year every four years (this is to make up for the few seconds that we don't really use in a day) they Mayans were much better at math then us and they were a lot more accurate so they did not have to add an extra day every four years but their cycle ends every 52 years. So, all of you that were afraid that the world was coming to an end rest at ease, I spoke to a Mayan and were are good! My kids are still on the fence about it but I think they may be coming around. One of my smart kids pointed out "If this is so, then I don't need to continue to come to school!"
So her are the pics starting with the Mayan calender
My Mayan mask

Guatemala Mask
Mask from Belize

Monday, February 22, 2010

I'm Back!!!

   I'm back!!! I enjoyed my eight days off of work and had a blast on my seven day Caribbean cruise! I went with two of my coworkers and one of their spouses. We went on the Norwegian Spirit and our itinerary included stops at the ports in Mexico, Guatemala, and Belize. I was really looking forward to a week of fun in the sun but sadly I only got to see the sun two out of the seven days. Most of the time we had cloudy or light rain. I was happy that it was just overcast when we were in Belize since that was where I went Scuba Diving. I was super excited to be able to Dive the second best reef in the world and was not let down one bit!!! The first dive we went down about 80 feet for about a hour. The colors were amazing and I saw so many beautiful fish and sea life. I also got to see a 12 foot shark! Then we did a second dive at about 55 feet for 45 min. Another great dive with such beautiful and wonderful things to see. I was so happy that one of the guys on the dive had a good underwater camera and took some pictures and will be sending them to me, as well as a DVD of the second dive. I will post them as soon as he sends them to me. 
   Now this was my first cruise and I have to say that I was very impressed. The cruise staff was all about making our trip great and for us to have as much fun on our trip as we could. There was always something to do, see, or eat and we did it all!!!! The shows were amazing, as well as the food! Heidi and I also got to go and see some Mayan ruins and we all shopped in Costa Maya, Guatemala, Belize, and Cozumel. I bought some awesome paintings that are done on feathers and I also bought a bunch of awesome pieces of jewelery. I have to say that if I had to define this trip into three words they would be: Shopping, Eating, Clouds. The reason I say clouds, is as noted before, it was overcast and cloudy almost the whole trip. Heidi and I were determined to get some sun, she even captured a picture of me trying to sunbath while it drizzled.  
   Well I took today off to recoup after the vacation, but tomorrow its back to the real world and work. I did enjoy today, I got to lay out and get some sun (more then I got on my whole trip HAHA!!). I also got my house cleaned, clothes washed and put away, and lesson plans done and emailed. I took a ton of pictures while on my trip. I thought that since I wanted to take and post a daily picture but couldn't that I would post one for each day last week. So here they are, hope you enjoy. 
                -Till Tomorrow

About to leave the Port of N.O.

Costa Maya, Mexico
Beach in Guatemala

Shopping in Belize after my Awesome Dive trip!
 In Cozumel. 
This was my favorite stop on the trip so I posted my three favorite pics.


Saturday, February 13, 2010

Last one for awhile...

I'm posting what I think will have to be my last post for the next seven days. I thought I would be able to post while on the cruise but its just way to expensive! So no big deal, I will have lots to blog about, as well as a ton of pictures, when I return. I'm really praying that we have some good weather, aka Sunny and HOT! Oh, and I almost totally forgot that tomorrows Valentines glad I've got something to do. Not like Valentines is all that big a deal for me. And I know that everyone says that I don't think its a big deal because I'm single, but even if I wasn't its so mainstream. I would much rather someone make a big deal for more random holidays. I love Christmas, and after that one I have to say that St. Patrick's Day is my next favorite, with Easter right behind it. Well anyways I have that everyone has a Happy Single Awareness Day...oops, I mean Happy Valentines Day!

Friday, February 12, 2010

Got his first bath

I gave Auggie his first bath and, well it was something to say the least. Poor lil thing is still so skinny and just looked like a drowned mouse. He is still adjusting to his new home, this morning when I walked out of my room at 5am to get ready for work he about killed himself scrambling to take cover. Besides that and some strange gas issue stinks so BAD!!...he's getting along fine. 
I have to say that when the bell rang at 3 today both I and the kids where excited beyond belief! We are all really ready for the break and I'm so ready for some warm weather and laying on the beach. I'm pretty much packed and ready to go. I am going to make one last trip to town tomorrow to get a few last minuets things. This week was a wild one and Im really tired and ready for bed. I plan on sleeping in then off to town. I'm really so sick of this weather. It was freezing today and to top it off rainy and windy. Thank God we didn't have snow like most of the state. On the news today they said that all but one of the fifty states were experiencing some form of snow. What I want to know is, What happened to Global Warming??? Well I'm just fraying for some good weather while on my cruise. I sure don't want to be like one of my friends that has had bad weather for each of her cruises.
Well hope that you have a great Saturday. -Till Tomorrow

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Got a New Little Friend

   Well I have been contemplating weither or not I wanted to get a pet. My last pet, Margo a beautiful calico cat, has been gone now for a couple of years. I thought about getting a dog, but those that know me know that Im more of a cat person. Plus, I like that a cat will use a litter box almost piratically out of the womb while dogs have to be trained  (which can take forever). So I had looked at some of the pet adoption places online, just to see what was out there, I had thought to myself that I would like an orange cat this time but I really was in no hurry. Well the other day I was at school and had my classroom door open and I heard a kitten crying (I work at an open school so we don't have hallways, more like breeze ways). Well I went out to investigate and caught a glimpse of a very small orange kitten as it took off under the office building. I tried to get it to come out but wasn't getting anywhere with it. So I put some tuna out for it and hoped that it would eventually warm up to me. Over the next couple of days it would venture a little further out into the open and a few of the students even tried to catch him but was unsuccessful. Well with the weather being so cold I really hoped to be able to get him to come with me and get out of the cold. So today I was finally able to coax him to me using food. Poor little thing was just skin and bones and was so cold he was shaking. So I got him and put him in a box, got some milk for the cafeteria and gave him some of my linguine. So it looks like I have a new lil friend, a cute little orange kitten that I've named Auggie. He's just too sweet!! So Auggie is adjusting quiet well to his new home and working on getting some meat on his bones.
   Well tomorrow is Friday and both I and the kids can't be happier! With the up coming week long break for Mardi Gras the kids have been a little distracted and antsy! Well Im off to bed.
                                                                                                                                          -Till Next Time

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Just Not Feeling It Today

  I really didn't want to post today...just being lazy and really didn't have much to talk about. I know your thinking, "What, Sylvia Latham is lost for words!!??" The only eventful thing that took place today was we had a half a day of classes so that we could go to a Parish wide faculty meeting. But to call our meetings eventful is quite a stretch! I did have a hair appointment after the meeting so it was not a complete waste of a drive to town. I finally started to pack and I'm a little worried...But in my defense I am packing my diving equipment so that almost takes up one medium suitcase. Well I'm exhaust and so ready for bed!!! Maybe tomorrow will be a little more eventful.  -Till Tomorrow
Not Feeling It Today

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Back to Work

  Today was a little crazy! First off we had a TON of kids that didn't come to school today, I figured as much. Plus they ones that were there were all wound up for the long, exciting, weekend. I had made sure to have lots for them to do to keep them busy. This week in general is going to be crazy, we had Monday off, and a half day tomorrow and I have a ton of kids that say they won't be at school on Friday because of parades. Thank God that we only have this week left till a week off for Mardi Gras! I love that in South Louisiana we get the WHOLE week off!!! Only us baby! We love our Mardi Gras and thanks to the boys in Black and Gold its turned into a two week festivity. Some are saying that this Tue. and week will be called "DAT TUESDAY" & "LOMBARDI GRAS." I don't mind at all, another reason to have another piece of King Cake and have the day off.
  Well enough about all of that...I did get somethings done today and taught some. I finally got my Eiffel Tower up on my wall at school. I have the best school ever!! I talked to my principle and got the approval to have the maintenance man put me some screws in the wall and I may even get to put up some shelves as well. Why you may ask?? Well I have all this stuff from my travels that I want to display such as, mask from Japan (a gift from a friend teaching in Japan), Carnival mask from Vince Italy, a Leaning Tower of Pisa, posters of the Great Wall, Chinese lanterns and etc.
  As I type this I'm watching the weather and I'm SO sick of this cold weather!!!! I can't wait till I'm soaking up some sun in Mexico!! Well I'm off to shower and then to bed. I'm already starting to feel a lil sore from my five mile I put in on the Elliptical today but its a good sore.
                                                                                                  -Till Tomorrow         

Some new additions in my classroom:
My Civics classes Graffiti Wall
(This is for the Unit on the 1st amendment rights) 

My own lil Eiffel Tower
(Planning to visit it one day)

Monday, February 8, 2010

Running Errands and Making Plans

  I was very excited to have today off thanks to the HUGE Win last night by the Saints. Our school board decided that they would let everyone enjoy the celebration and have the day off, plus they didn't want to have to deal with all the absentees. So I decided that I would take advantage of the day off and get some of my errands done for my upcoming trip. I donned my Black and Gold and drove to town hoping that I might miss some of the crowds thanks to them being home sleeping off the night before. I lucked out and the traffic was not all that bad They did have a good bit going towards the airport to welcome the Saints home, they said that there was over a 1000 people that stopped traffic trying to welcome them home. 
  I ran my errands across the river, I needed makeup and had to pick up shirts from Fleurty Girl, then got right back over to the West Bank. Since there still seemed to be a calm after the storm, I figured I would see how far my luck would go and decided to try and get my taxes done. Did a walk-in at the tax place and was in and out in less then an hour! The best part was that I'm getting back a little over $2000 back...YAY!!!! This two grand will help pay back the money I owe my Mom (#7 on the list), and a credit card. I also found out yesterday that I have been asked again to teach a class at the Creative Scholars Camp @ Nicholls this summer. I'm very excited to be apart of this awesome camp that provides assistance to students with learning disorders. So my summer is already filling up, I have the summer camp at Nicholls, going to be on staff at Y.M.I. as well, and I'm really hoping to maybe squeeze in a dive trip and just maybe a short trip to D.C. (hoping Kayce is up for a trip with me). 
I really need to get the suitcases out and start packing for my trip. Today in town I picked up some items for my trip and I finally got all the swim suits out and washed. Tomorrow we go back to work and I just don't see us getting much done. I will be surprised if any of the kids show up.
Packing for the Cruise

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Watching the "Big Game"

Yep thats me watching the "Big Game". So if you live in South Louisiana you know that today is almost considered the Biggest event in Louisiana history since 1803 and the signing of the Louisiana Purchase. I will be the first one to say that I am by no means a football fan, but this is one game that I just couldn't miss. I also have this game to thank for not having work tomorrow. Today I did my very own victory dance...I finally dropped below the weight that I had been stuck at. I've been trying so hard and just could not get below 135. I would go up and down, back and forth but still no headway. Well today was my day!! My goal is 130 and I'm 4lbs away! I'm determined that by the time I board that boat on Sunday I will be at my goal! I'm really wondering if giving up soft drinks has played a part in me being able to finally drop those few pounds? 
The score right now is New Orleans in the lead 24 to 17. I really hope that they win this thing! I can't even begin to imagine how wild this town will be if they do. OH MY GOD the Saints just stole the Ball and made a Touchdown!!!!! Puts them now in the lead 31 to 17. Well I just witnessed what many thought was the impossible...the Saints have Won the Super Bowl!!!!!!!!! WHO DAT!!!!!

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Just seeing if I can post from my Blackberry

A lazy Saturday

 Today was a lazy Saturday! I didn't really do all that much. I slept in till about 10ish and then got up and went to the post office. I read a little then went through my closet trying to figure out what I was going to pack for my cruise. I then went outside to try and get a lil sun, but it was just to chilly to stay out long. Yet another reason that Im really excited about going on the cruise, SUN and Warm weather. So I read a little more, cleaned up a bit around the house and then took a nap. After the nap I went to go do a favor for my Dad. He's been wanting me to take a short video of the progress on the house, as well as a brief message to send to one of the churches that has been a big help in the construction. So I took a walk back to the house, a massive concrete structure that looms in the horizon, to get the footage.  After getting what I needed I came back and uploaded it to my computer to do a little editing in one of my new favorite programs, iMovie. Last night I had played around with a short video I had taken in one of my classes. I found it to be very easy to use and a lot of fun. Before this I had never really used the program, but now knowing how easy it is and with my camera taking such easy and good video, I plan to be using it much more! I can't wait to take some video on my upcoming trip! No doubt I will be posting here for you to see.
 I have started to think about what I am going to pack. Unlike my friend Sammie Lynn, who started packing last week, I havent even gotten the suitcase out of storage. I did try to pull some of the dresses that I thought I may bring and I got all 9 of my bathing suits out. Its a whole 7 days so Im thinking Im going to need both of my big suitcases and my carry on. Now I know two suitcases you ask??...but I do have to pack some of my dive equipment, dresses for dinner for 7 nights, at least two to three outfits for each day, bathing suits and cover ups, beach towels and tanning lotions, and dont even get me started on the shoes!!!! I mean 7 Days!! You just never know what you are going to wake up wanting to wear that day. One thing that I am a little concerned about is that I dont know if I will have access to affordable internet while on the trip. I know that I said that I was going to post everyday but Im just not sure If it will be capable. What I may do is just write in my journal and then when I get back I can post those for each day. Or Im going to work on getting my blog set up on my Blackberry and I may just be able to use that.
My pic for the day is of my parent's house that my Dad is building. They lost theirs in Katrina and rebuilding has been a bit slow. This is due in the most part because of delayed permits, having to build a massive foundation, all of it is made of concrete so weather can be a problem, and for the most part my Dad is doing most of the work himself. I will be so glad when it is done and my parents have a real home again, when everything is all under the same roof (since Katrina my parents have lived in a little cottage and used the church's kitchen). I will also be glad when the house construction is done and my Dad can take it easy...he's almost pushing 70 for goodness sake, the man is getting to old to be doing this kind-of work. Thankfully God has brought people that have helped him, like Mr. Chuck. He and his wife are our resident snowbirds from Michigan. And there has been many church groups that have come to help, we really have been blessed!
 Soon to be the Latham's residents

Friday, February 5, 2010

What a Crazy day!!!!

So today was a crazy day. The kids were all hyped up with the long Super Bowl weekend right around the corner. Today was also a fun one, well till I went to town to get my car. I was super excited that my car was finally fixed. So I figured that it would be crazy since it was a Friday. I had no idea that thanks to the Super Bowl and Mardi Gras it would be a zoo!! Every where you turned there were people in Saints colors and half the streets were closed due to the parades that were rolling that night. I went to Wal-Mart and ended up walking out because it was so crazy.
So my pic for the day is in the form of a video. This is one of my students who
was absent last week b/c of Beta. So while he was gone I told the
rest of the class that when he came back we were going to tell him that
while he was gone they all had gotten up in front of the class and said
the Preamble...they did have to learn it but I didnt make them do it in
front of the we had been listening to the School House Rock
Preamble on Utube. So the second day that he was back I tell him that he
has to do it and in front the whole class, and to help him out the rest
of the class would hum the school house rock one for he did it
and we were all dying laughing and then when he found out he was the
only one that had to do it I almost died laughing. My Civics class in all my seniors and they are a lot of fun. The class only has 10 students, so it is very laid back.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

So glad that tomorrow is Friday!!

  The kids were a little wild today. I think that its a mix of being close to a holiday break and the Super Bowl. I even have a few kids that are going to Miami tomorrow, so they really didn't focus much today. I'm so ready for the long weekend, we get off on Monday (paid) thanks to the Saints. So my picture today is of my water bottle. I have been drinking one or two of these a day. I haven't had a soft drink in over a month. I even had a mix up at McDonald's, they gave me a coke and I didn't drink it but threw it out.
  Still on the hunt for books for my trip...its just not a good vacation unless you get to read two or three books minimum. Well Im off to bed, tomorrow will no doubt be a wild and crazy day... but Friday's usually are. Well stay hydrated!
                                                -Till Tomorrow

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

A Sick Day...

  I was not feeling well today and had to call in sick at work. I slept in and Im still not feel 100%. I really hate missing work because I know that when I go back to work I will have to play catch up. God only knows what they really got done today. So I spent the day on my couch watching Law & Order and playing on the computer. I have to say that with me blogging every day I have neglected my journal. Especially on Tue. and Thur. when I get home late from my painting class. Im going to try and fix this and do more writing. So now that Im in the month of Feb. I need to find this months book. No doubt with the cruise coming up I will read more then one book this month. So I have work tomorrow and then on to painting class. My car is still in the shop and I will have to use my parents again. Ive been looking at cars online and trying to figure out what kind I would like to get. Im thinking that I like driving my Dad's Honda CR-V and that would be a good car for me. Since I live in Buras, when I look at cars there are two questions that I ask, can I evacuate in it and does it get good gas mileage? 
  I found out yesterday that we will have off the day after the Super Bowl. I can't believe that I only have a week and a half till the cruise!! Well Im not going to neglect my journal any longer...  
                -Till tomorrow.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

A blessed day

  I finished my painting tonight. Not super happy with the outcome, but this first painting was just for practice and to get the feel for the brushes and paints. So as you can see its super late and I'm super tired!!! It was a crazy day and I'm so ready for bed.
 Oh, I have a major praise report! So my car was making a grinding sound and my Dad thought it could be the CV joints (Big Money!!!). Well the repair shop called today and told me that it was my breaks (not so bad, and I already had my roaters turned once so I knew that this time around I would have to replace them). I was even more excited when they told me that they could put on new pads and roaters for $250 bucks!!! I was so happy, I thought for sure that they were calling to tell me it was something major and was going to cost me about $500. I was even more excited that I have my Emergency fund and I didn't have to put any of it on a credit card!  God really Blessed me, $250 is so much better then a car note! I'm praying my poor lil Nissan Sentra through, at least for another year or two. Well I've got to get some sleep.
                                                                                                                                       -Till Tomorrow

Monday, February 1, 2010

Just a Regular Day

I started today by having to take my dad's car to work because mine is making a terrible grinding noise (I think its the CV joints). So that meant that I had to bring my dad to work all the way at the end in Venice. So, having done that I then heading up the road to work. Well half way through my now 30 min drive to work I noticed that the gas gauge was on the E. So I'm praying that it will get me to the only gas station in Buras. I pull up to the station such luck, they are closed! The next gas station is in Port Sulphur, a good 20 min away. So back to praying and coasting, hoping that I dont run out of gas. 
Finally I make it to school, after topping off the tank, I go to make my typical Monday morning copies. Well you would know it, one of the copiers is broken and there's a line forming for the only working copier in the school. So I get in line, share a few complaints about not having enough copiers in the school, and then make my copies. So still no coffee...I know, right?? How am I even walking around coherent???? Well I go to my classroom and do the basic morning things that I do every morning: boot up the computers, straighten the desks, organize my copies and worksheets for the day, check my school emails, pull up my roll book and put on some music. Then the kids hit my doorway. They are looking for an open classroom to hide in due to the cold weather and the fact that our school is an open school (no hallways). Now that they are in my classroom I'm not getting much done in between the questions about my weekend, if I watched a certain show on tv, and how was my Birthday. So in between all the chatter I get the daily journal topic pulled up on my Smart Board and pull up my grade book. Now the bell is ringing and kids are filing in, Monday is always crazy due to the fact that they have to catch up...well I mean, goodness they haven't seen each other in two whole days!!!  Well after that first bell the day just seemed to fly by, it seemed that I turned around and the last bell was ringing. 
In the middle of the daily madness I found out my sister was in town, and after talking to the automotive repair shop, it seemed I would be bringing in my car right after school. So right after the bell rang I was running out the door to fly home to switch my dad's car for my car. If I would have known that I was going to be able to bring my car to the shop I would have drove it to school, Oh well... I drive to town, drop off my car, and hitch a ride home with my sister. 
Well once home, I had a ton to get done!!! I washed a sink full of dishes, a load of clothes, put away a ton of clothes that I had discarded while trying to decide what to wear to work, cleaned up the house, journaled, organized paper work and calculated receipts for my taxes.
  I'm now settled down a bit and doing my daily post. Once done with this I'm going to finish my lesson plans and post a few more grades and then off to bed. Tomorrow looks like a full day but I get to go do a little painting. Well here was a glimpse into...just a regular day.
-Till Tomorrow