Friday, November 25, 2011

It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like...

   I love holidays! But I do happen to have a few favorites. I love Christmas! It is by far my favorite holiday out of the year. I have a few others that I really like to celebrate as well, such as: Thanksgiving, St. Patricks Day, and Easter. I love Thanksgiving because all of my Dad's family, all 50 plus people, come into town and we have a grand old time laughing and eating way too much. I think one of the reason I love St. Patrick's Day so much is green happens to be my favorite color, I have also fallen in love with the new yearly tradition me and  my friends have adopted of attending the St. Pat's Parade!! Easter is an easy one as well, I love Peeps, all the colors, dying eggs, and the idea that a bunny goes around pooping colored eggs and delivering candy.   

   But, as I said Christmas is my FAVORITE!!! I love the giving and getting of gifts, love all of the colors and lights, love decorating my tree, love all of my ornaments that I have collected over the years and continue to collect, love the yearly traditions, Love the 2 week break, love the Christmas music, the bustle of shopping during the season, and love just the general cheerful atmosphere. I love that I get to break out my Christmas decorations, movies, and there even seems to be certain foods and flavors that we only have during this time of the year. 

I think that's what makes this time of the year a lil more special, the lil things that you don't get all year that appear just for this special time of the year. I love egg nog, peppermint mochas, chocolate covered cherries, apple cider, candy canes, watching Elf and Mixed Nuts. 

I like that I don't partake of these things during the rest of the year, seems to make them even more of a treat when the holidays role around. So I hope that you are welcoming in the holiday season with as much delight as I am! Here are a few pics of my very Happy & Colorful Christmas Tree :)

Love my Happy Lil Tree!

Seems I may have a slight obsession...there just so darn cute!!!

~Till Next Time :)

Monday, November 21, 2011

3 Months = Work, Circus, Stress, Projects, Art, and a Lot of Good Intentions

   So my friend Ana left me a comment awhile back and said that she hoped I was ok. She said she hadn't seen a new post from me in a while and was wondering how I was...well the fact that I was even missed made me feel good :)

   Well, my last post by me had me beginning the new school year looking forward to some changes and just teaching art. I am loving teaching art!!! It has been a BIG change, but one that has been good for me. This semester I'm teaching Fine Art Survey and Art 1, 2, and 3. I only have two students taking the Art 2 and 3. Teaching this has pushed me a bit and has been wonderful to get me to be more creative. I will be teaching a pottery class starting in the Spring. My friend Danielle will be leaving in Dec. after getting married. She is the Art teacher and I will be replacing her. This semester she has been such a huge help as we have both taught art and worked together. She has been teaching the pottery this semester. I haven't taught pottery before and I'm a lil nervous about when she leaves and I will be taking over her classes. I have been taking pottery the past few months to get myself ready to take over the classes, it has been a few years since college and my pottery class so I really was excited to get back to it. Here are a few of the items that I have been working on.

Had a blast making this tree! And it's a box...going to glaze it an awesome limish green
Made two bowl/plates...glazed this one a funky mustard yellow and green the one with all the circles has a ton of colors
I haven't picked up the finished pieces yet, and still have to find the time to go and glaze my tree. I have been taking the class on Sat mornings in the city and have enjoyed them so much!!
I squeezed in this class along with work, my extra curricular duties at work, and all the other stuff I had going on...not a good idea!
I had been back at work and things were going good...but then Homecoming came around. I was the Student Council sponsor and responsible for organizing all of the Homecoming events, and it happens to be the event of the year in our small town. I was doing all the stuff for work, plus planning and teaching, going to pottery classes on Sat. and DIY night sometimes during the week it turned out to be too much. I have never handled stress very well. I also have been living like I'm still in college, getting 5 or less hours of sleep most nights, not eating breakfast, drinking a pot or more of coffee a day, skipping meals and sometimes going all day without eating, not a good combination when you through in stress with all of that. So yeah, I got sick and started having migraines. At one point I had a migraine so bad that my Dad had to bring me to the Emer. room and I had to have an IV put in with pain meds. So I have reformed my ways and started going to bed early, eating breakfast, reduced my responsibilities at work, making sure to not skip know, those basic things that most adults do haha!!! Things have gotten a lot better! Still having migraines but me and my Doctor are working on managing them.
   Thank God that I work with some of the most Awesome people. After missing a lot of days from being sick, and of course this would all happen right in the middle of Homecoming, my friends and co-workers all pitched in and we pulled off a great Homecoming!! This years theme was "Under the Big Top" a circus theme. My friend Danielle (the other art teacher) did an AMAZING job decorating for the dance. We all had a great time, and it was a lil bittersweet knowing that this was Danielle's last event with us :(
The stage where the DJ went

What an AWESOME group of people to call friends and get to work with everyday!

   In the middle of all of this I have been working on some projects as well. Some have been for my art classes as examples. I still need to take pictures of them and will be posting them soon. One of the projects that I'm working on right now is a Relief Mixed Media painting. It's an example for my Art 3 students, she will be doing this project as her final.
My example for Relief Mixed Media painting project for my art classes...the blue thing is a heated foam knife... Very COOL!!

I've also been knitting some and just finished one of my projects. I have never been able to knit button holes into my stuff but I found this great tutorial on Pinterest and made my first item that has a button!! Love me some has been the inspiration to MANY projects!!! If you haven't gotten on there yet and checked it out GO!!!

Showing off my new knitting skill...Buttons!! 

   Ok, well I know it was a long one but tried to sum up the last 3 months :) I will post some more soon. I have also already put up my Christmas tree and will be posting pics of that soon, as well as some links to some of the ornaments that I want to make for this year. Also, check back I have an upcoming trip to tell you about.
~Till Next Time

Monday, August 22, 2011

DIYing Up A Storm!!!!

     So I've been doing quite a bit of crafting here lately. Here are some pics of my latest projects and creations. I'm having fun recycling objects around my house and using them to create new fun items.
 Doesn't this make your heart flutter? I love Sharpies!!!! and I LOVE color!!!!

 Oh the possibilities! About to start crafting :)

 My supplies: 2 fabric flowers from the scrapbooking dept. on sale $2.00, 2 strands of coral looking beads on sale for $3.49 a piece, and rope chain on sale for $4.50!

 The finished product!!!! I love it! and it was super EASY

 Sorry about the plain gray t-shirt, but wanted to show how it looked on.

 I also got these beads on sale and threw together this quick necklace. Its going to look so cute with a gray ruffle tank and coral cardigan!

So then I decided to make some bangles and was thinking about what I could use...I also happened to be stuffing my face with my favorite chips and while I was reaching into the can..."Lightbulb!"
One can gave me 6 bracelets and thats after I messed up on of the ends trying to cut it with a dull knife.
Now a great excuse to eat all the Pringles haha!!! 

 This is my finished product...You see that cute orange button in the middle? Well thanks to that darling lil button I now have 2 very nasty blisters on 2 of my fingers...NOT FUN!!!!!! But the bracelet just turned out darling! So I guess the battle scares of crafting were worth it. 

So I've mentioned a few times that I have been working on altering an old book into a journal. This is the cover:
Sorry, not the best pic but you will just have to believe me when I say that it is really coming out just too precious ( I almost said darling but realized I have used that term of endearment already a few times in this post....seems all this crafting has really brought out the southern charm in me). I'm still working on the inside, but I'm pretty happy with how the overall look is turning out. 

Well, it's late, a school night, and I also have detention in the AM. Going make my coffee and program my coffee maker. I just LOVE that I can set my coffee to brew 5min. before I get up! I function so much better if I don't have to wait for my coffee or try to make it when I haven't had it yet. I can't believe how much coffee grinds I go through...and the stuff is not cheap!!! I think that when you become a teacher that Community Coffee should give you a yearly supply of coffee as long as you teach, I'm just saying :)

Oh, tomorrow is me and the girls first monthly DIY night. I'm super excited!! We're making necklaces out of scarves and small chains. Here is the link to it over at Flamingotoes

and we are also making the pompom necklace from over at littlemissmomma

I will no doubt be bringing my camera with me to DIY night and posting pics soon of our creations. 

~Till Next Time :)

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

I Need PAA...Pinterest Addicts Anonymous

     Like I have said before, I'm addicted to Pinterest. I found this on there and just loved it and found so much truth to it!

There are so many of these that when I read them I was like "HECK yeah, did someone write down my thoughts??" haha!!!!! # 4...So stinking true! #26 made me so happy to know that I'm not alone in the world when it comes to this feeling. 27 had me laughing so hard and yet another one that made me feel good to see I wasn't the only one who felt that way, and 28 really feels so true!
I hope that you enjoy this lil list as much as I did and that they make you feel just as good as I did to know that I'm not the only one out there that has these types of thoughts.

~Till Next Time

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Enjoying the Dream, Creating & Creating, and a Few "Sylvia" moments

Read "The Dot" to my kids and had them create their own dot.

     I just have to start by saying that I'm still having a hard time believing that I get to teach art and that they pay me to do it!! I feel like I'm in a dream and that things are to good to be true. No more GLE's, Praise Jesus!!! Also, there's the joy of getting to play with paint, chalk, markers, color pencils, crayons, and all the other wonderful things that you may find in an art room :)  It seems that since taking the creative e-course Raining Umbrellas I have been busting at the seams to create. I have been sketching more, painting more, creating more, and enjoying it all. I think a lot of my current creative inspiration has come from looking at others blogs, Etsy, and Pinterest. I've been making and creating, here are a few of the things that I've made lately:

As you can see, I'm having a blast with my art classes and its only been 3 days!!  I'm loving it!

This was the classes first project...we did our names!
Last night I decided I wanted to make a new headband and ended up making one for myself and one for my sister.

Here is the one for my sister...I used an old t-shirt and just Love the color!

I then decided that I was going to try and spray paint these shoes that I was going to get rid of. I really liked the them but the glue that was used on the scalloping had turned brown and ran and really made them look voila, a shoe redesign!
From this:

To this:

The pompoms are shoe clips that I made

I painted these as well, it's a light green but I'm really not feeling it...
I'm going to respray these in a Turquoise color

I'm thinking this color, Blue Ocean Breeze by Krylon.

I also made a some shoe clips and for see more of these cute great accessories in my crafting future.

Love the pink and white bows on the black!!!!!

I'm super excited about two things that I bought last night!!!!
I found these great old watch faces...
...and these

I'm so excited, going to create a great pic with these! I've been brainstorming of all the great things I'm going to do with them.

I'm also in the process of making myself a new journal. I'm using this awesome old book that I bought on Etsy from Wesley Asher. Go check out her shop, she has a bunch of great stuff.

So, this book is a Lovely old book from the late 50's published for the Children's Book Club Weekly Reader Group. It is absolutely filled with awesome pen and ink illustrations on perfectly aged toothy vanilla paper pages. I did cute a few of the awesome illustrations out to frame...they are so great!! I also photographed a bunch of them and will be using them to create some great prints. 

     While on the subject of prints, I'm super excited because I found a place to print my work to put in my Etsy shop. I had a very Sylvia moment the other day. I was so excited to get my first prints in and see how my work came out. Well it seems that my dyslexia was in full force and seems that what was supposed to say "calm" was printed as "clam" on all 7 copies I had ordered. Then to top it off the other print I had made I had left the "h" out of the word whisper...Ughhh!!!!!!! I am the worlds worst at not catching typos and for flipping the 2 letters in the middle of my words. Its moment like that when my learning disorder really drives me crazy!! My family got a good laugh out of it and said that it was very "Syl" haha!!! 
     It's moments like that and moments like a few months back that remind me I have a learning disorder. The moment a few months ago involved my Brake tag (those of you not from South Louisiana, I believe y'all call them inspection stickers)...anyways, so it seems that I thought that my break tag was ok because what I saw was, 01-11 when in fact it expired 11-10!!!!!(this was a lil longer ago then what I thought haha!!!) My sister was the one that pointed it out to me and I really had to look to see it haha!!! But I'm in good company when it comes to having learning disorders, seems that there are quite a few really awesome people that had this pesky Nuisance. Here's a few:
~Walt Disney
~Albert Einstein 
~Thomas Edison                                  {Just to name a few}
~Winston Churchill
Leonardo Da Vinci 
~Alexander Graham Bell

     Well, I have more to share, but this blog post is long enough. I'm going to call it a night and I will post more tomorrow. I found some great finds for my Christmas tree that I can't wait to show you. I love christmas and really had to hold myself back from not putting my tree up in Aug!!!!! haha!!!
~Till Next Time :)

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Hi Ho Hi Ho...It's Off To School We Go

     Today was the first day of school with the students. It was a really good 1st day, I would even go as far as to say the best 1st day I have yet. I had brought a bunch of my art work to show my students. I have had all of my students when they were in my Freshmen Geog. class and none of them viewed me as an artist. So I packed up a bunch of my art work and tried to establish myself with them as an artist. A lot of times students think that art is just sketching with a pencil. I showed them some of my painting, photography, mixed media work, scrapbooks, jewelry, and pottery that I have created. I'm so excited about my classes!!! Most of my classes are small and for the most part the kids that are in the class are there because they want to be. Today I was getting so excited talking about the up coming projects and things that we will be doing this semester. Just this little bit that I've been talking about it has gotten me wanting to create, and has me thinking about some different projects.

So, I went to this great antique store and found some great treasures, the same place that I got the Awesome yellow cart that I showed you in my last post. I also had brought my camera with me and got a lot of great shots to use to make some great prints. I'm still working on getting the Etsy store up and running. Right now the only thing holding me back is that I'm waiting to get some prints back that I ordered so I can see their quality and see what my turn around time is going to be. As soon as I get those prints in then I can start uploading things to my shop. Ok, well got a little of subject, I was going to show you some of my great they are:

 My finds!! Seems pink was the color of the day :)

So I had seen on someone's blog where they had this earring holder idea and when I came across this grater in this Awesome color I knew that it was meant to be!

I decided that I would add a little something else to my holder and I put small nails through the side with the small holes and Voila! it's no longer just an earring holder but a ring holder as well

I just love my pink frame on my end table, it's a nice pop of color.

So I really need to stop buying coffee mugs but this set was calling my name!!!! They are so bright and fun and make me Smile :)
I am starting to realize that I have a lot of polka-dot items! But polka-dots make me happy so I consider them cheap small circles of great happiness therapy haha!!! 

I have also been on a nautical them. I have bought a few articles of nautical themed clothing, jewelry, and I found these cups at Target and just loved them!! 

Besides polka-dots and nautical items being on the brain I am addicted with the website I LOVE this sight and have been pinning up a storm!!! I have also come across so many great ideas, fun inspiration, and just all around Awesome info. 
Here is one of the ideas that I came across, putting your makeup brushes in a cup of coffee beans. Love the wonderful aroma early in the morning while putting on my makeup. Now you could do this in a glass container and it would make a better show, but I really like my mug that came from Anthropology. 

As far as that Awesome info that I said above, well I found this great tutorial on how to curl your hair without heat. I have to say that I really didn't think it wouldn't work but I was proven wrong! 
Here is a pic of my hair curled.

My hair does not usually hold a curl at all and this was all achieved with a headband!!! Here is the tutorial for curls. She does a really good job of explaining how to do it and I have to say I was so amazed!!! 

Well, that's what I have been up to. I have regular classes tomorrow and super excited to start on our first project.

~Till Next Time