Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Creative Journals and Weight Loss

   Ok, so I'm super happy!! I've been watching what I eat, started back at my yoga/pilates class twice a week and walking at least twice a week as well. I have lost 4 lbs so far and only 3 more to go and I'm at my goal weight of 130. I feel better, and I can see some differences in my body. I know what your thinking, really thats not a lot of time and not a lot of weight, but I'm telling you I can see some changes.  So besides my weight, things at school are going really well!! We got a few new teachers and I was asked to be a mentor to two of them, I felt that was a huge compliment! Today we had a faculty meeting and I have to say that its so awesome to work at a place that feels so much like a small family.
   I have a new project that I think that I'm going to undertake. I love scrapbooking stuff but have kind-of gotten up of the whole scrapbooking thing. I just love all the papers, embellishments, and fun shiny stuff that goes along with all of it. But since I found iPhoto books I'm in love so I don't do much scrapbook. So the dilemma is what to do with all of the adorable, cute, fun, funky stuff that I have collected?? Well let me tell you...I'm going to use it to make a really fun and cute journal. I'm a journal fan!!! I love notebooks, journals and I have a bunch. I have my regular journal, yep to write all of the stuff that I can't write in my blog...basically its all the private, rants, dreams, and scary craziness that makes me me..haha!!!  I also have a journal that I started to my future husband, I don't write in it often just once in awhile...who knows at the rate I'm going ti will never be read by anyone but me. And still there's more, a journal/notebook of my favorite poems and short stories, one on life lessons learned, a and a devotional journal. Yep, you guessed it, I like to write stuff down... oh and my blog is I guess a digital journal. So I figured I'm going to decorate my next one, here are a few of the ones that I found online that I really liked

   So these are a few ideas to get me started. I will post some pics as I get some of it together. Besides that not much going on...I'm almost done with my nephews scarf and then I start on another one for someone else in my family. Well I'm off to dry and try to tame this mad mess I call my hair. 
-Till Tomorrow

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