Thursday, January 27, 2011

Its Been A While

   I've only missed one night of my pilates/yoga class since starting at the beginning of the year and I'm really starting to see some changes. I'm much more flexible, can do a lot more of the positions and exercises, and my left side that I have been having problems with for almost a year and an a half hasn't been hurting.  I can also see some differences in in my body...the best part!!! Besides trying to get my body in shape I've been pretty much just working. Things at school have been going really well. The state came in to observe our school and school district to renew our school district's accreditation. We passed, which is a great thing. I was very proud of our lil school and the education that we provide. The lady from the state came in to observe me and I was kind-of glad, I put a lot of work into my classroom and I was very proud of my kids. This semester some of my kids have really been a lot of fun to teach. I have a few that are very funny and some that are just a hoot to have in class. I have to say that one challenge has been the amount of grading that Ive been doing. I have 50 students and I have posted 29 graded assignments sine we went back on the 5th...I'm dying!!! 

   Besides work and working out my social life is the same old story..."Your really a cool girl but I just want to be friends." Yay for me!! I have a lot of good guy friends, I guess I just got another one. I again have no clue whats in store for me and God isn't filling me in. I'm really starting to really understand the statement "hindsight is 20/20." Oh well what is in the past is past and I'm not going back there. One of the things that I got from the whole online dating is that there are not a lot of good guys out there, the little things are just that little and they don't really matter in the grand scheme of things, and I had some really stupid and inconsequential things that I thought the person I would be with would have. Hey, you live and learn and thats what I'm doing. A friend of mine said tonight that she couldn't wait till all of this is over (being single) or Jesus comes back, or "the (elusive) one" comes around. I had to laugh at that. With my luck I have a better chance of Jesus coming back before I meet the "one." HAHA!!!! Well soooo glad that tomorrow is Friday and the weekend is here. I can't believe that in 4 days I will be 31!!!
-Till Tomorrow 

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