Monday, January 31, 2011

Wow...31?? Really??

   I turned 31 today and I have to say that I just DON'T feel 31. Well...then again, I never felt 30. I first point out that I am BLESSED!!! God has blessed me these 31 years with an awesome family. He has also blessed me only the way with some really great people who have made this life so much more enjoyable. At all the different seasons of my life God has placed people there to help guide me, make me laugh, teach me lessons, help me to learn more about myself, teach me to embrace the many differences that are in this world, and to overall make me who I am.
Who knows what the next 31 years will bring? Trust me I've tried to find out and no such luck! I hope that at least the next 10 years hold a husband and maybe a kid for me...but if the first 31 are any indication...well I may be flying solo. If that is so then I plan to have as much fun as I can. Yep, I know what your thinking, and yes I am using things like a Great shoe collection and traveling to great places around the world to fill a void...hey its better then becoming the crazy cat lady! HAHA!!! Well here's to another great 31. May they be just as fun (and God if your not so busy with all the famine, war, disease, bad economy, stupid people, and those that are just socially impaired, could you please send me a MAN before I'm 35!!!??!!!!)
  -Till Next Time


Jessica Blood said...

Love you Sylvia!!
You never cease to amaze me,never.
Oh, and if you get him on the main line dont hang up until I talk to Him, too.

Rhonda said...

what are you laying in?

lindsey said...

Happy Birthday!!! Sorry I'm a little late!! BELIEVING there are AWESOME things coming!!! You are so beautiful inside and out, by the way!