Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Blown Away!

     Wow, I was amazed at the response from yesterdays post on what I consider One of the Great Mysteries of Life. This one post had more views in one day (56) then any other post that I've ever had. One person told me that it was an explosive post and another said that I seemed to get a lot off my chest. This was not my intention, I was just sharing some things that I had been thinking about due to many conversations with many of my girl friends. I hope that those that read it would know, that while I don't apologize for what I wrote, I never intended to offend anyone! I loved some of the comments that people left me. It seems that some people have very interesting thoughts and views on this topic.
     Now I would not want anyone to think that I'm a "man-hater," not at all! I'm just trying to understand this thing called life, and I'm really enjoying this season of my life. I feel that I am learning so much about myself and I'm very proud of the growth in my own understanding of who I am and what makes me, me. I replied to one of my comments with this
"They are not bad experiences if you learn lessons from them and even though I have experienced this I don't regret it...you live and learn, that is life."
     I really do believe that! That within all experiences lie lessons to be learned, we just have to be open to look for them.
There are no mistakes or failures, only lessons. 
Uncle Walnut, Me, Uncle Oscar, and Dad
      Also, I just want to say that some things about men may be a mystery but I look forward to exploring those mysteries and I have been blessed to have some really awesome guys in my life. I'm blessed to have one of the best Dads in the world. He is always there for me and is a true man of God that loves me so much no matter what crazy ideas, adventures, rants, or newest plan I may have schemed up. My Uncle Walnut is the like a second Dad to me and will forever be there to: give me a hard time, be my fellow Survivor watcher, remind me of what I should do, and be the best sparing partner when both of our argumentative nature feels the need to be right.

     Then there are my great brothers! They are always there to help me and love me even if they give me a hard time about my quirky ways. My poor lil brother Mark has helped me move more times then I'm sure he has wanted and I love that he tries to give me advice about boys and love. My cousin Lee also tends to act like a brother as well and I'm glad he's a part of my family and life.

     I also have some really awesome guy friends, such as, Brandon who leaves me the sweetest text messages and is there to encourage me when I need to vent, he doesn't get guys about as much as I do haha!! Robert and Jeremy who try to give me guy advice. Tony, who tries to do his best to set me up. Obie and Toby who are there to chat with, share teaching stories with, as well as a hatred for lesson plans. Dickson and John who worry about me and some of the places that I travel to (John thinks anywhere outside of the Parish is dangerous haha!!!). And many of the other great guys that have been apart of my life and have helped me make some great memories along the way. Nathan, Muff, Nick, Jess, summer camp would not have been the same without you guys. And of course no one forgets their my first crush, Jay and the reason me and Bri had our first fight that involved some pushing.
The list of great guy friends could go on and on... you would think that someone with as many guy friends as I have wouldn't be confused by them Hmmm??

Brandon and I
We clean up nice
Sushi with the boys
The Big Bad Fishermen

Me and Uncle Nut...seems the only thing we were catching was each others cork

Brandon, Me and Jeremy

Robert and I

Me and B tubing!

Lee and I acting CRAZY!

Jeremy and Brandon

Tony, Me, and Heather

Well I guess that will be enough for me tonight...seems I have been quite longwinded the last two post, guess thats what happens when I go almost two months without really posting much Haha!!!
-Till Next Time


Anonymous said...

thanks for mentioning me as a great guy............camp was great. Sorry, I jacked up my last year of it with Jenni Friday. I really regret that, but then everything seems to have a purpose; so whatever.....

ral said...

great post love you

bordb1985 said...

awe.. your just as beautiful if not more, since the first time i saw you.:)