Monday, April 11, 2011

Knew it was bound to happen

My Butterfly
I knew it was only a matter of time, I knew someone would say it to me...I knew that someone would tell me that I have no room to say anything about smoking, drinking, or any other sins since I have a tattoo.

     I recently told someone that I would never want to marry someone that smoked or drank. This person asked me how I could be so judgmental and said that I couldn't pick the sins that I thought were ok, such as my tattoos. First off, I was not judging anyone. It says that we all need to work out our own salvation and what you do, and do not do, is between you and God. I do have some convictions and there are some things that I won't do: premarital sex, drink alcohol, do illegal drugs and smoke. But yes, I did get a tattoo, well I have two actually and I don't regret them at all.

Getting one on your foot really hurts!
     I grew up as a pastors kid and I know the scripture that says we should not mark our body and I even remember one evangelist that said when you got a tattoo that all of the sins of the tattooer, the person you let mark your body, was then bound to you...this scared the crap out of me and prevented me from getting one for quite some time, and the fact that I knew my parents would kill me. But as I got older I looked at it differently and got them as reminders. Each of my tattoos have a meaning and serve as reminders of how I want to live my life.

      But any way, back to the original reason I started this post. After this person told me this it got me to thinking and I came to some conclusions. I call them conclusions and by no means say this to justify what some may call my "sin." First, my tattoos only affect me and no one else. No one has died or will die because of them, no car crashes, lungs destroyed, or family torn apart because of them. Secondly, I have them in places where they can be covered so that if they are offensive to others I will not cause anyone stumble. I have done a lil reading on different people's views on tattoos and one site that I found interesting was Clarifying Christianity. Also, so no one can say that I was only looking at one side, I also found what this one guy said to be thought provoking as well What the Bible says about tattoos

     So I still have my tattoos and I don't feel bad about them. I know that I am saved by Grace, and that thanks to a loving God that grace is new every morning. I am by no means perfect and have never even thought I was close, but I really don't think that I am going to hell because I have marked my body. I know that I will continue to... "not drink, smoke, or sleep around or go with boys that do." But as far as the marking my body, well if I was going to live by this verse then my Mom already had me doomed at 3 weeks old when she got my ears pierced...thats right, hahaha just blame it on the parents :)
-Till Next Time 

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Jessica said...

I loved "blame it on the parents" I had my ears pierced when I was only a few days old.
I wonder if I could slide that one by daniel???
You said tattoo's so which one do I not know about?
Would also be interesting to know the maning behind why you got them and what they mean to you.