Friday, April 1, 2011

March Was a Bit of Madness

    Its been quite a while since my last post and March seemed to just fly by! It did seem like a month of some crazy madness. It was a very busy month with a lot of fun mixed in with a lot of work. Work is going great and the school is doing very good. We got our accreditation with the state, which required a good bit of work and what seemed a ton of observations. Seemed like the month of March was observation month, had people filing in and out of my classroom. Always fun when the school board comes in to observe my class and they ask one of my students why they are doing what they are doing and the student replies, "Because Ms. Latham told me to." Got to love that response! I was also honored to be chosen as SPHS teacher of the year! With this honor came the opportunity to do a lot of work to complete a packet that outlined the type of teacher that I was, this packet was then sent to the regional level. I did not advance, but was just fine with not having to do the additional work that would have come with that advancement to the next level. So on the work front things are good.
     Things have been busy, but there is always time for FUN! One of my favorite March events is St. Patrick's Day and the St. Patrick's Parade! It was a great time with the girls and we were all happy to report that we all came home having caught one of the prized cabbages.
I also learned a lot about myself and some very important life lessons in the month of March. I learned what I would stand for and what I wouldn't. That I'm really in a good place in my life and I'm ok with that. I also realized that I still believe that my convictions and beliefs are major guides in my life and I refuse to relinquish them for the very fact that society may not understand them or think that they are unreal expectations.

So this month I also got to see a lot of my family, and if you know any of them you know its always fun!  We all got to be apart of Braden's wedding and it was good to see everyone.

   Never realized how tall my Dad and his Bro were till this pic! They make me and poor Uncle Oscar look short.

I was going to post more pics of my nieces and nephew, but it seems I have not only not been in the blogging mood but haven't been in the picture taking mood as well.
I'm hoping to do better in April. :)
-Till Next Time

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