Thursday, June 23, 2011

A Bit of News

     I have been enjoying my summer break and not really thinking about work till...I got an email day before yesterday and my Principal wrote me to inform me that I would be teaching art, and only art, starting this fall. I had spoke to my Principal about teaching art but was told that I most likely wouldn't be able to till the Spring when my friend, and our present art teacher, will be leaving us :(

   The really funny part of this all is the fact that I have been wanting to teach art for some time and it just wasn't happening. I had finally just come to the conclusion that God had me where He wanted me and that did not involve teaching art. I had really embraced my Geography class. Then last year they gave me a Fine Art Survey class and I was super excited!!! I love my FAS class and was content and happy. But I've come to think that I'm God's entertainment, and He enjoys watching me try to figure things out and then messing with me when I come to terms with how I think things are going to be. He likes to make sure and point out to me who is really in control even if that means changing things up on me. haha!!!

     So I will have some changes to make to my classroom. My principal told me I will have smaller classes, which is great!!! Also, my friend Danielle will be teaching art as well so I will have her to help me along the way for at least the Fall semester and I feel so less stress knowing that I will have her as I enter this new time in my teaching. But how FUN!!!! To go to work everyday and get to do art makes me MORE then happy!!! Plus there are a ton of benefits to teaching an elective versus a core subject. One is that in most cases students actually want to take art and for the most part are happy to be in your class...I know I preferred my art class over a math class any day!! So I will enjoy the rest of my summer break and anticipate the coming school year and the changes that it will bring. The really funny part is that I had just told my Mom that I was starting to feel restless where I was and that maybe I should look at moving and maybe finding a new position, guess this was God's way of saying stay put, at least for the next year haha!!

Here is a lil bit of my art:

-Till Next Time

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Anonymous said...

you gonna have to be planning some great art projects luv ya mom