Sunday, June 26, 2011

Creative Push

  I don't know about you, but I miss my days back in college when I took a class and was pushed to be creative, intellectual, or even just thoughtful. I enjoyed my art classes and the sense of accomplishment that came after I completed a project. I haven't felt that in some time and was really wanting to feel and be creative.

      While enjoying my lovely and relaxing vacation, I happened to be surfing some of my favorite websites and came across one of my favorite photographers/artist. I was editing some pictures I had taken today and was on (I love this site!!!!) and one of the featured photographers was Vicki Dvorak, who I just happen to love! Here are a few of my favorite pictures by her. 

     If you want to see more of her work then you can find her @ Simple Hue.

     Well after I found her blog and started to read it, I saw that she was offering an e-course. I thought... "This is what I need!" something to give me a creative push! So Im signed up for what will be my first e-course, well I took some online classes in college but this is different, anyways Im pretty excited! Just reading her blog and looking at her pictures got me in a bit of an editing mood. I have been taking some pictures while on vacation and was just loving all of the sea themed things that were around the condo, I just love anything to do with the beach and water, and so off I went. Here are a few that I played around with today. I have to say that the first one is by far one of my favorites. I hope that you enjoy!

~Till Next Time


lindsey said...

Your pictures look awesome! I hope you enjoy your class and the creativity that is unleashed!!

snydeen said...

I signed up for some of the same reasons, but I'm finding I have a longer way to go than most of my fellow classmates. Your pictures are gorgeous. I'm really enjoying your blog. Jenny (Raining Umbrellas)