Wednesday, June 22, 2011

In Search of Pastries


     Today we were on the hunt to find a French bakery and some pastries, I am happy to report that we found both!! We had heard about this bakery on the French side of the island that had great pastries, and true to the inner fat kid that both I and Courtney have, we hailed and cab and we were off. We chatted with the cab driver and after telling him that we wanted to go to a bakery called Sarafina’s, he told us that it was the best bakery on the island and we would be very pleased. Once we arrived we quickly realized that the busy shop must be doing something right to have all that business, and then we feasted our eyes on the huge array of pastries, deserts, cakes, and quiches beautifully displayed in a long glass pastry case along one side and a gelato case to the right side I thought, "Yay, lets dive right in!"

   Me and Courtney decided that we would stay and have lunch. I decided on a chicken quiche, while Courtney had a club sandwich. Both of us of course had a dessert  to go along with our lunch.

After a delicious lunch we decided to do a little shopping at the local market. We both made a few purchases but a lot of the stuff was the same old touristy stuff that neither of us was looking for. Fighting the heat and done with shopping, we decided to make our way back to the bakery to pick up some items to go and then back to the condo. Here is what I got to go and some other pictures I snapped while walking around.
Chocolate cherry cake and a pistachio macaroon 

 I think its back to the beach tomorrow, but I'm really not sure...I kind-of like not having a schedule :)

-Till Next Time

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