Monday, June 20, 2011

It's Been Awhile!!!!

   Wow, so I had not realized how long it has been since my last blog post. I can only blame laziness, and maybe a little business, as my reasons for my lack of posting. I looked back and it was May since I last wrote, and not that I truly think I was all that missed, I think its time to get back to it.

  So since my last post things have been moving right along, and life as always seems to be, has been moving a mile a minute. I finished up another year of school and signed my contract for another year. I took a few days after my last day of school and spent time with my niece and nephew.
My nephew Max

After spending a few days hanging out with them, it was back home to start on the monumental packing that had to take place to get me ready for my 2 trips that would have me gone for the following 3 weeks.

     My first trip was to El Salvador, and it was an amazing trip!!!! God really showed me somethings and I made some really great friends.

El Salvador Group
 There is so much to tell about all the great things that God did on that trip that I will have to get into that in another post (I promise it will be soon).  After a great week in El Salvador I flew home and spent the night at my cousin's, to be closer to the airport, because the very next day I flew to St. Martin.
  So I write this post from St. Martin, where I am doing a lot of relaxing, and have been here for 6 days so far. I have 9 more days to soak up the beautiful sun, sand, and gorgeous crystal clear water. I have spent most of my time reading and relaxing while enjoying this awesome view below

 Well, Im off to do a lil reading and then to bed...seems that doing nothing is pretty tiring.
-Till Next Time

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Anonymous said...

I know it's tiring but I think you will drag THROUGH luv ya mom