Wednesday, July 27, 2011

A Few Hypothetical/rhetorical Questions

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     I have a few questions for the universe. Some hypothetical/rhetorical, others that I would like an answer to but fear I will never get. Questions:   1. Why is it that no matter how small you seem to make a taco it still seems to always fall apart?   2. Why do people send smilies :) when they text you back and really have nothing to say?   3. Why is it that when a single person is around a married person and makes the statement that they are tired of being single, the married person always says something like "You don't know how good you have it." or "I wish I could do all the stuff you can do." Really??   4. WHY do people go on dates if they're not looking for a relationship??   5. Why must everyone that is married have to remind me that me being single has so many freedoms?   6. Why do we have to pay for gas, shouldn't it just be available since we all need it and pretty much the country can't run without it?   7. Why is there reality TV...come on we all know thats not reality??   8. Why can't life come with a GPS and guide me right where I need to be and when I make a wrong turn it would let me know by saying "Rerouting" and it would also have signs along the way that would point out important things like, "Marry Him," or "U-turn fast he's a loser and a very bad detour!!"   9. Why do people think that taking a pic with their phone in the mirror looks good???   10. Who decided to do away with Elmer's Paste?   11. Why does school have to start at 7:45 am, why not at 10 am??   12. Why can't you just go to the store and buy a husband and kid and it all have an owners manual with it?   13. How in the world did people like Samantha Brown and Anthony Bourdain go about getting their jobs...where do you sign up for that???   14. Why didn't Noah just Squash those two ants, misquotes, and roaches on the ark...Im just saying??
I will end on number 14, well just because I is my stinking blog haha!!!
If you happen to run into Miss Universe (yes, the universe would be a woman) could you maybe ask her some of the questions above and let me know what she has to say, especially #12! But if she is anything like I think Lady Luck is, she's a mean sort and will just jerk you around ;)

~Till Next Time


Anonymous said...

I don't have the answers to any of your questions, but if you DO get an answer to number 12 let me know, I'm ready for my daughter to at least start looking around!

lindsey said...

Hey girl! Thanks for these questions...some were funny and some were good reminders for me. I have been guilty of some of the things your friends have said to you, and I just feel aweful for that...I realize that if I were in your shoes, my perspective would be pretty different. Thank you once again for sharing your heart! Love you and will pray you get those answers! :)

Anonymous said...

amazing post! don't have answers either. except two. I text a smile pretty often because that is what I would do if the person was in front of me. sometimes don't know what to say, just smile. I started taking photos of myself with my cellphone because I wanted to take photos and no one else wanted to be photographed, lol :) if you ever get the answer to question #12 please share it. I long for that one too. and the GPS would be an awesome idea! Life with a GPS... I would definitely buy it. xoxo

p.s. started a Photo Challenge this Wednesday in wonderland, would love to have you on board :)