Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Freedom, Fun, Family, Fishing, and Fireworks=Fourth of July Weekend

      I'm so thankful to all of the men and women who serve our country and protect our freedoms!
This has been a very fun weekend spent with my family celebrating the Fourth. My Brother, Sister in-law and the kids came down for the holiday. I had a great time playing with the kids. We made some cupcakes, did some fishing, made fish prints, watched some fireworks and ate and relaxed. Here is the holiday weekend in pictures. Happy 4th to y'all!!!

Helping Nan Syl make cupcakes

Beater Cleaners!

Licking them clean

Love this look she's giving her brother!!

Major licking action

Excited to make Fish Tail Prints!

Max making his Fish Tail Print 
Max doing such a good job painting

Fish Tail Prints

Max and Nan Syl with his finished print
We ooh and ahhed!

...and more oohs

...some ahhs
...threw in a few Wows!!
...and a few "Oh my's"
...then, "Wow that was great!"
My First Big One of the Day

Lil Max and his catch

Lunch Break

I Think I Got A Big One!!!

Fighting My Big One

Still Fighting that Fish!
Yep, I caught that!
My Bigger One!
Our Hual
All Fished Out!!!
Me and My Lil Brother
Now thats what I called Knocked Out!!

My Dad thinks he's so funny!

Happy 4th of July!

What a Crew!

And they're off!

 Her face shows just how freaked out she was!

Lulu on Grill Duty

Cannon Ball

Me and Chelsey Relaxing

As you can see, it was a busy and FUN weekend!

~Till Next Time


snydeen said...

That looked like a great 4th! Good for you. Loved your pictures and I'm especially impressed you captured so many cool fireworks photos.

Anonymous said...

love it all!! thank you for sharing :) looks so much fun.

syllatham said...

Thanks snydeen and ana for the comments!

kkkkaty said...

What wonderfull pictures and memories you are recording!