Monday, July 4, 2011

Raining Umbrellas Week 1 Assignment

     This weeks creative assignment was to create a collage that tells our life's story. 
As always, seems my life's story is very colorful, busy, and maybe just a tad bit gaudy haha!!

As you can see, God is the center of my life and all other things exist and revolve around Him . 
My family has and will always be the roots that keep me grounded, and the anchor that helps to hold me steady through all that life may bring. 
The love of nature and traveling play key roles in my life, experiences, and art. 
My name means, "Lover of the forest," and may explain my love of trees and woodland creatures. 
My love of the sea, colors, and quotes are as well mixed in, representing a part of me in some way. 
There are also some of the scriptures that have acted as my life's compass, always pointing and guiding me in the right direction.

The cliff notes version of Me!

-Till Next Time


Anonymous said...

Sylvia, thanks for putting so much thought, effort, and creativity into's awesome! :)

The Art Bunny said...

Wonderful collage! I see a lot of work has gone into it. Nice to get to know you better :)

Anonymous said...

this is fantastic! i love that God is your center piece. so beautifully said.

Anonymous said...

so rich and powerful! you have a very beautiful soul :)

kkkkaty said...

I like what you came up with, Sylvia. It is beautiful!

MOM said...

I give you A++

snydeen said...

You really went for it. Nice job and really interesting. Seriously cool!

justine said...

Oh wow this is wonderful, so creative I love it

Anonymous said...

Beautiful! It shows a lot of personality. :)