Tuesday, August 2, 2011

All For One & One For All

Some of us for Spirit week...
I know, you wish you went to our school
     I worked at school today and I forgot how much I loved our little school community. I have been so Blessed to work with a great group of people that help it to really feel like a lil family at work. I just love how we encourage each other and celebrate each others victories and achievements, no matter how great or small. Today I was reminded of this when one of my friends Heidi, who is also my school neighbor, had a stroke of genius. She decided to paint the inside of her classroom door with chalkboard paint. After spending some time in her classroom with 2 cans of chalkboard spray paint, and lil ventilation, she was very excited about the outcome (I think some of her enthusiasm had to do with her bit of a spray paint high haha!!!). So of course whenever we do something in our classrooms that we think is pretty great we always call each other in to check it out... wait what am I saying, we don't just do this when things are great, we do it whenever we make any changes haha!!! So after we let her classroom air out a bit, so to save a few of our brain cells (Heidi has extra she can spare a few, I on the other hand was not going to chance it),  we all stand there admiring her Awesome door! Sammie (another one of our neighbors) says, "I love this, I'm doing my door as well...but I will give you credit for the idea!" I had to laugh, you see teacher are all about "Beg, Borrow, and Steal" anything that we can use. But it was just funny to me that Sammie wanted to make sure that when she stole Heidi's idea that she would credit her for it...that just reminded me again what awesome people I work with!!! You see I have heard horror stories from other friends who teach at other schools. Teachers getting each other in trouble, stealing each others ideas and taking credit, sabotaging each others events or ideas so that they look better, or just being down right hormonal and witchy. Trust me we have our moments but even in those we have each others back. I heard someone say something in reference to our group at school that made me smile. They said, "Don't mess with them, when you mess with one you mess with them all!" I love it!!! Not every job or workplace do you have that. I know what you're thinking, "Really, a painted door spurred this train of thought and blog post??" You betcha, because thats how I roll :)

This is the door, turned chalkboard, that we all got so excited about! Yeah, Yeah...were kind-of nerds like that! :)

They also celebrated with me about finally getting my Pop Art painting up. 

27 different canvases come together to make POP Art...now that I'm looking at this pic it looks like my painting has a bit of a gangsta lean happening...oh well who wants perfection, that's boring haha!!!

I also have a few additions to my classroom

 Don't you just love this cart? I sure did!!!!!

I also got another class "pet." In the past I have not had any luck with class fishes (may have something to do with the fact that I would only clean the tanks for Christmas break Hmm??) So I had a kid give me a pet rock. Bob has been doing well hanging out on my desk. He's a smart lil rock and super easy to take care of!!! Well I came across another "pet" to keep Bob company, AL!
This is AL, isn't he CUTE!!!!!!

     Now you make be asking, "What is Al???" Well, he is a Marimo ball and just about the cutest thing I've seen in a while! He is something right out of a Dr. Suess book!! Now you may be asking, "What the heck is a Marimo ball??" Well as this website states, "Marimo literally means seaweed ball. It is a species of filamentous green algae that grow into large green balls with a velvet like appearance. Marimo is native to Akan Lake in Japan. It was declared to be a national treasure of Japan in 1921 and people from all over the country gathered these balls in glass jars to take home as keepsakes, perhaps to bring luck, or just because they plain looked good as a centerpiece on the table at home. It is said that taking excellent care of the balls will make all your wishes come true."
I'm really hoping that he brings me some luck in the man dept. but we will see :) So now Al and Bob are making me smile and hanging out being BFF in my classroom. Bob's the strong and silent type, which works out great since Al is more quirky, soft hearted, and seems to just roll with things, they really compliment each other...what all friends should do! 

Well, as always, I am up when I should be sleeping. Tomorrow I will be presenting "Classroom Management and Organizing Tips" to 30 new teacher's to our parish. I know, Right!!... Me???... speaking to teacher's on how to manage a class, the crazy teacher with a pet rock, pet algae ball, and Magic 8 Ball, sitting on my desk? Yep, seems that the big wigs in the school board haven't stumbled across my blog and so that means I have to be up tomorrow at 5am...Yay for me!!!

~Till Next TIme :)


Anonymous said...

so good to have real friends at work :) the door looks amazing. never thought of doing something like that but love the idea. have to search online (I know there was something about it on RU but I didn't dig about it then) don't think we have that paint in Portugal. love your post. it's so happy :) in such a good mood. it was a treat to read it and share some of your joy. I hope you woke up well the next morning, lol :) xoxo (in two hours I'll be posting the new photo challenge in 'wonderland')

Anonymous said...

oh! I love your "pets"!! lol :)

The Art Bunny said...

I love that pop canvas, so striking! I've never seen an 'Al' before! I want one now. Hope your presentation goes well and you have a fab school year :)