Monday, August 22, 2011

DIYing Up A Storm!!!!

     So I've been doing quite a bit of crafting here lately. Here are some pics of my latest projects and creations. I'm having fun recycling objects around my house and using them to create new fun items.
 Doesn't this make your heart flutter? I love Sharpies!!!! and I LOVE color!!!!

 Oh the possibilities! About to start crafting :)

 My supplies: 2 fabric flowers from the scrapbooking dept. on sale $2.00, 2 strands of coral looking beads on sale for $3.49 a piece, and rope chain on sale for $4.50!

 The finished product!!!! I love it! and it was super EASY

 Sorry about the plain gray t-shirt, but wanted to show how it looked on.

 I also got these beads on sale and threw together this quick necklace. Its going to look so cute with a gray ruffle tank and coral cardigan!

So then I decided to make some bangles and was thinking about what I could use...I also happened to be stuffing my face with my favorite chips and while I was reaching into the can..."Lightbulb!"
One can gave me 6 bracelets and thats after I messed up on of the ends trying to cut it with a dull knife.
Now a great excuse to eat all the Pringles haha!!! 

 This is my finished product...You see that cute orange button in the middle? Well thanks to that darling lil button I now have 2 very nasty blisters on 2 of my fingers...NOT FUN!!!!!! But the bracelet just turned out darling! So I guess the battle scares of crafting were worth it. 

So I've mentioned a few times that I have been working on altering an old book into a journal. This is the cover:
Sorry, not the best pic but you will just have to believe me when I say that it is really coming out just too precious ( I almost said darling but realized I have used that term of endearment already a few times in this post....seems all this crafting has really brought out the southern charm in me). I'm still working on the inside, but I'm pretty happy with how the overall look is turning out. 

Well, it's late, a school night, and I also have detention in the AM. Going make my coffee and program my coffee maker. I just LOVE that I can set my coffee to brew 5min. before I get up! I function so much better if I don't have to wait for my coffee or try to make it when I haven't had it yet. I can't believe how much coffee grinds I go through...and the stuff is not cheap!!! I think that when you become a teacher that Community Coffee should give you a yearly supply of coffee as long as you teach, I'm just saying :)

Oh, tomorrow is me and the girls first monthly DIY night. I'm super excited!! We're making necklaces out of scarves and small chains. Here is the link to it over at Flamingotoes

and we are also making the pompom necklace from over at littlemissmomma

I will no doubt be bringing my camera with me to DIY night and posting pics soon of our creations. 

~Till Next Time :)


mom said...

if you start saying "SUGA" then you are really touching you southern soul, cute stuff suga

lindsey said...

You are too fun! I love all of your creations!! The pringle can bracelet is genius, and I cannot wait to hear about your diy night!

Ana Eugenio said...

the bracelet looks amazing! you're truly creative :) you must be a very fun teacher too. I'm always amazed by what you share here. makes me feel so lazy looking at all the wonderful things you do. your Etsy will definitely rock :)

Ana Eugenio said...

I hope everything is alright with you. I've been visiting, hoping to read some more of your adventures and you're silent for so long that I'm starting to worry. xoxo

Ana Eugenio said...

:) can't wait to see what you've been up too. always so creative. thanks a bunch for your lovely comment in wonderland ;) xxo

The Art Bunny said...

I love colour too! I love your bracelet. Your creativity makes me feel inspired :)