Friday, November 25, 2011

It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like...

   I love holidays! But I do happen to have a few favorites. I love Christmas! It is by far my favorite holiday out of the year. I have a few others that I really like to celebrate as well, such as: Thanksgiving, St. Patricks Day, and Easter. I love Thanksgiving because all of my Dad's family, all 50 plus people, come into town and we have a grand old time laughing and eating way too much. I think one of the reason I love St. Patrick's Day so much is green happens to be my favorite color, I have also fallen in love with the new yearly tradition me and  my friends have adopted of attending the St. Pat's Parade!! Easter is an easy one as well, I love Peeps, all the colors, dying eggs, and the idea that a bunny goes around pooping colored eggs and delivering candy.   

   But, as I said Christmas is my FAVORITE!!! I love the giving and getting of gifts, love all of the colors and lights, love decorating my tree, love all of my ornaments that I have collected over the years and continue to collect, love the yearly traditions, Love the 2 week break, love the Christmas music, the bustle of shopping during the season, and love just the general cheerful atmosphere. I love that I get to break out my Christmas decorations, movies, and there even seems to be certain foods and flavors that we only have during this time of the year. 

I think that's what makes this time of the year a lil more special, the lil things that you don't get all year that appear just for this special time of the year. I love egg nog, peppermint mochas, chocolate covered cherries, apple cider, candy canes, watching Elf and Mixed Nuts. 

I like that I don't partake of these things during the rest of the year, seems to make them even more of a treat when the holidays role around. So I hope that you are welcoming in the holiday season with as much delight as I am! Here are a few pics of my very Happy & Colorful Christmas Tree :)

Love my Happy Lil Tree!

Seems I may have a slight obsession...there just so darn cute!!!

~Till Next Time :)


lindsey said...

Girl, I LOVE your tree!!! And, your place looks super cute, too! Love your updates! :)

Anonymous said...

Christmas is my favorite time of the year too :) I love the twinkling lights. we used to have street decorations since the begining of November but with the crisis we're lucky if we get them (a few) in the middle of December. but I'm happy anyway.

I bought some xmas lights to shine on my room :) your Christmas tree is so original. not like the traditional tree I'm used to. it's a very HAPPY tree. made me laugh. you have a huge collection of cute little things. must feel so good.

we don't have tree because our cats used to destroy it each year. instead we bought a red lamp that is a huge star and the light comes out through little stars cut on the lamp. it's comfy and makes the hallway special.

since the middle of November that I'm having a new tradition with my mother: a Xmas lunch each Thursday. just the two of us with all we deserve. and I've been posting about it too.

hope to hear from you before Xmas eve :) enjoy the holidays sweetie. xxo

Anonymous said...

MERRY XMAS hun :) xxo