Thursday, January 26, 2012

A New Welcome

    Hi! So Hope that you have had a great Week :) Can't believe that tomorrow is already Friday!!!! I also can't believe that this month is almost over! What is kind-of freaking me out more is that Im on the brink of turning 32 AUGHHHH!!!!!! (the 5 day countdown begins, and for some reason 32 is really getting to me more then 31...don't know why???)
    Anyways, this post is not about my lil mini Birthday and feeling old and unaccomplished because I haven't walked down the  aisle and made another human being, this is about me redoing my front entryway...well the big picture that takes up the wall there anyway haha!!!!
So I had a large picture hanging in my entryway (which my entryway is not big at all...I mean my "loft" type living space is quite small, but it works and I remind myself, "Its Rent FREE!!!"
This was my entryway without anything

This was the picture that I had hanging there...I liked it but got tired of it, sick of fleur di lis, and there was a bad rainstorm that came through awhile back and some kind-of way the door got blown open and the pic got wet and the pic buckled so...

So I love maps and they had a bunch of old atlases at school that they were going to get rid of so I took a few for projects.

Some spray adhesive...I don't recommend doing this in a small room! Wow! 

So I cut out the maps I wanted, glued them down I how I wanted to the back of the frames board, and now I'm going to use some of my scrapbooking stuff to add a lil character to it.

This is Distress Ink and a sponge that you apply it with. I love this because it give the maps that old look.

Now Im going to add some things so that I can hang some pictures and quotes.

I remembered my mom had this strip of metal, added two piece of string tied to cute brads, and add some magnets & paper clips and were ready to go!

And my Finished Project!
I like it because I can change out the pictures and quotes but still have the maps in the background.
Going to have to print out some more pictures soon. 

Well Hope that you have a wonderful Friday! and a GREAT Weekend!!!

~Till Next Time :)

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Pinterest Inspirations!...Yep, I'm Not Just Pinning I'm Creating!!

    So I'm still very much a fan of Pinterest! I love it because it takes the best of all of the things I love and puts them together: the computer, organization, fashion, crafts, friends, things in alphabetical order, and sharing of creativity!! I love all of the projects that I have found (enough to keep me busy and BROKE for the rest of my life) on there. I also love that I can link up with other teachers, and have found some really great project for my classes as well.

   One of the things that I've been trying to do is use it to help me change up my wardrobe a bit and create some new outfits using items I already have. Here is an outfit that I pinned on and then copied.

The Pinned Outfit

My version 
    I thought it came out cute...but you have to remember I come from a small town and fashion around here means Levis and a t-shirt (well except for my other teacher friends who help me infuse a lil culture into our little small town school) as I'm walking up to school one of the guy faculty members says, "You do know you don't match??"  HAHA!!! I had to laugh at that one as I just walked on by. Then later that day another guy told me, "Those legging things make you look like you got jaundice."  LOL!!! I swear, these guys not only have no sense of fashion, they have no tack as well. But then it all did give me a good :)

  Today I was not feeling super great. I've really been fighting migraines the last few days. The doctor has me on some meds that have really been helping, this has been the reason behind all of my recent weight loss. Well, today I decided to skip the drive to town and my pottery class and just stay home and piddle around with a few projects that I had pinned. One of the projects was to make some cute envelops for me to use with my budget system that Im about to start.

    Im sure you have heard about the Dave Ramsey envelop system, well I have been trying to do the Dave Ramsey budget but have never gone to the cash in envelops. I tried to just use my debit card and well...I paid off 2 credit cards last year but I still have a ways to go to be where I want to be. So this is the year that I'm going to really CRACK down and get serious!! So that means going to cash and when its gone its gone. This is going to be tough to get use to since as a teacher I only get paid once a month. But Im going to do it!! So I found this really Cash Envelope System Template and decided that was going to be my project today. I had some really cute paper that I've been saving and didn't know what I was going to do with it, and this was what it was waiting for.

The Pinned version
    Kelleigh does an Awesome job of taking you step by step through how to make these cute envelops and how to put them together to put in your wallet. I also really enjoyed her blog post on Cash Envelope Categories-Cash Envelope Categories She was also super helpful when I asked her a few questions and she was quick to reply. She has a great site and if you're not the crafty type but would like some of these she has them for sale in her shop check it out Kelleigh Ratzlaff's CashEnvelopes
 Ok, so here is how mine came out.

Got my paper, craft knife, and adhesive...ready to do this!

My first one...How Cute!! 
(not sure whats going on with the crazy bright oranges in my pics??)

This is my Wallet. I love it and so afraid of the day when it finally falls apart! Everyone always asks me where I got it. Its Fossil brand and I got it at Dillads. It's their travel wallet and they only sell them right before the summer. Best money I Every spent!

Thats my envelops in my wallet. I did a blanket stitch to connect them all to a piece of card stock that I could insert into my wallet. 

Got my lil tags (and again with the weird orange color pics ugh!)

How cute are these!! love the inside haha!!

Maybe should have tried to print up labels...oh well haha 

      Another reason that I had all this time to play today was that I did not have to worry about lesson plans!! I plan to work on another project tomorrow before going to church and I can because I don't have to worry about doing my lesson plan tomorrow either because I did them on FRIDAY!!!! Yep, did them during my planning period and submitted them HAHAHAHA!!!! Take that lesson plans, you can't have my weekend HAHA!! I did it for the most part because everyone was gone on Beta convention and none of my usual buddies were there for me to waste time with so I got a lot of work done during my planning period. It's so nice to have my weekend to me!! I am going to try very hard to try and do my lesson plans next week during my planning periods so that I can have next weekend free as well.
    Well, going to try and do maybe two new projects tomorrow so maybe I will post pics. I also need to post pics of some of my students pottery, they are doing so good. I am really enjoying that class!! Still can't believe that I get paid to do this job...well there are those stinking lesson plans haha :)

~Till Next Time

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Looking Back & Looking Ahead

    So as I said last night, I always do a little looking back at the past year as I ring in a new one. The best way for me to recall my year is to look at my pictures. I went and took a look and it was a great year! I am so very blessed. I have a great job! Work with some really great teachers, have some really awesome friends, Blessed with the most Awesome family, live in a great little town, got to do some great traveling this year, and even meet some new friends along the way. I got to travel to El Salvador, St Martin, and Spain this year!!! I got tenure, teacher of the year, and got to switch from social studies to art (something I've always dreamed of doing!) Like I said before, I AM SO BLESSED!!!!!

    So what do I plan for 2012??? I haven't really thought much about it. I do know that I have a few things that I will be putting on my list so here goes:

1. Grow More in the Lord
2. Spend Less and Pay Off Debt
3. Travel with Students to Europe
4. Be Healthy (More sleep, less coffee, exercise more) 
5. Embrace the Life I'm Living Right Now and Let What Will Be, Be

Here are a few quotes that I found on Pinterest that I thought would be good reminders for this coming year.

And Finally, what I'm really hoping to stumble upon this year...haha But I am determined that I'm done hunting it down. If it's going to happen it will happen when its good and ready to happen and nothing I do is going to help it. One thing I did find out this past year is what I wasn't looking for haha!!! And I don't plan to settle!!

Monday, January 2, 2012

Happy New Year!

The city lights of Madrid New Years Eve

I had to good fortune to ring in the New Year in Spain! I took a 5 day trip to Madrid and had a great time. I wish it would have been a longer trip, but it was still fun! I got to ring in the New Year eating grapes along with the locals and toasting the New Year with Cava.

I got to see the Royal Palace, visit Toledo, go to the Prado Museum, got to see Flemenco Dancers, did Tapas, and visit some of the other sights in and around Madrid. Here are a few of the pictures:

Loved this shot!

The sun rising on the Medieval city of Toledo, the former Spanish capital

Me with my 12 grapes...I thought about trying to just chug them but was told by the locals you have to eat them one at a time for each strike of the bell at Midnight

With our grapes ready and waiting for midnight

Royal Palace Tour

0 Km Marker

Toasting to 2012

   So I am usually home for New Years and will take some time to look back on the year and also look ahead. But this year that didn't happen...just yet. I am going to get to it, just maybe tomorrow haha!!! I do have to say that last year was a good year, and I did think about it a little when I realized that I didn't do what I normally do, and what I did recall was great. I'm really hoping for a GReaT 2012!!!! I need this year to be Awesome! Starting with this month, which will have me turning 32 in 28 days!!! I still can't believe that! Well I will be posting my look at 2011 and my 2012 To Do List soon :)

~Till Next Time :)