Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Looking Back & Looking Ahead

    So as I said last night, I always do a little looking back at the past year as I ring in a new one. The best way for me to recall my year is to look at my pictures. I went and took a look and it was a great year! I am so very blessed. I have a great job! Work with some really great teachers, have some really awesome friends, Blessed with the most Awesome family, live in a great little town, got to do some great traveling this year, and even meet some new friends along the way. I got to travel to El Salvador, St Martin, and Spain this year!!! I got tenure, teacher of the year, and got to switch from social studies to art (something I've always dreamed of doing!) Like I said before, I AM SO BLESSED!!!!!

    So what do I plan for 2012??? I haven't really thought much about it. I do know that I have a few things that I will be putting on my list so here goes:

1. Grow More in the Lord
2. Spend Less and Pay Off Debt
3. Travel with Students to Europe
4. Be Healthy (More sleep, less coffee, exercise more) 
5. Embrace the Life I'm Living Right Now and Let What Will Be, Be

Here are a few quotes that I found on Pinterest that I thought would be good reminders for this coming year.

And Finally, what I'm really hoping to stumble upon this year...haha But I am determined that I'm done hunting it down. If it's going to happen it will happen when its good and ready to happen and nothing I do is going to help it. One thing I did find out this past year is what I wasn't looking for haha!!! And I don't plan to settle!!


Rhonda said...

Way to go Syl. don't settle for anything that you can live without.
God has blessed you with great friends and we love you unicorns, glitter and all. luv my jewerly

kkkkaty said...

A nice looking group of young women, enjoying life!