Thursday, January 26, 2012

A New Welcome

    Hi! So Hope that you have had a great Week :) Can't believe that tomorrow is already Friday!!!! I also can't believe that this month is almost over! What is kind-of freaking me out more is that Im on the brink of turning 32 AUGHHHH!!!!!! (the 5 day countdown begins, and for some reason 32 is really getting to me more then 31...don't know why???)
    Anyways, this post is not about my lil mini Birthday and feeling old and unaccomplished because I haven't walked down the  aisle and made another human being, this is about me redoing my front entryway...well the big picture that takes up the wall there anyway haha!!!!
So I had a large picture hanging in my entryway (which my entryway is not big at all...I mean my "loft" type living space is quite small, but it works and I remind myself, "Its Rent FREE!!!"
This was my entryway without anything

This was the picture that I had hanging there...I liked it but got tired of it, sick of fleur di lis, and there was a bad rainstorm that came through awhile back and some kind-of way the door got blown open and the pic got wet and the pic buckled so...

So I love maps and they had a bunch of old atlases at school that they were going to get rid of so I took a few for projects.

Some spray adhesive...I don't recommend doing this in a small room! Wow! 

So I cut out the maps I wanted, glued them down I how I wanted to the back of the frames board, and now I'm going to use some of my scrapbooking stuff to add a lil character to it.

This is Distress Ink and a sponge that you apply it with. I love this because it give the maps that old look.

Now Im going to add some things so that I can hang some pictures and quotes.

I remembered my mom had this strip of metal, added two piece of string tied to cute brads, and add some magnets & paper clips and were ready to go!

And my Finished Project!
I like it because I can change out the pictures and quotes but still have the maps in the background.
Going to have to print out some more pictures soon. 

Well Hope that you have a wonderful Friday! and a GREAT Weekend!!!

~Till Next Time :)


GinaG said...

Those maps are beautiful, and so is your finished project. I have something kinda/sorta similar that I want to do. Maybe for our Pinterest day.

syllatham said...

Thanks and that would be great!