Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Phases, Fades, A Period, Obsession...Or Whatever You Want To Call It

     Yes, I am one of "those" people. Those people that go through phases and periods where they do something or like a particular thing. As you can see I haven't been in my "lets blog all the time" phase...yes, I did have one. My sister has been giving me a hard time lately about the fact that she says I'm in my "Nautical Phase." Yes!!! I do love pretty much all things nautical, I will confess this! But I have always loved the water, loved being on the boat, loved the beach, and the rest of it is just so darn cute!!! I live in a very small town, which I have finally embraced and have come to love, that is surrounded by water...so yeah, we gosh darn-it aren't in Nantucket but I can still pull off the boating stuff around here :) I just have to give it that Bayou spin...I mean we are, "Down the Road!"

     Growing up I had a serious penguin phase that I went through. It was serious and bordered on obsession. You see my family does not help with these phases at all. Let them find out you like something and oh Lord! You will get just about everything to do with that item or things that have that item on it....just ask my cousin Bri. She happened to mention that she liked frogs and that was it, they stared buying her frogs left and right. She quickly realized her blunder and let them know that she: 1.) Did like frogs. 2.) Did not need frog salt n pepper shakers, frog figurines in every pose possible, frog shirts, or frog wedding cake topper. haha!! Love my family sooooo much and they love to give, it's just you better be careful what you mention you like around them :) Now that we are older they do ask us before buying. Just the other day my mom asked me if I liked some nautical fabric that she could make me a quilt out of. It was nice, but not my taste.

     Well, I guess that I've learned to embrace who I am and well....I just don't care! Phase, fade, period, or not I don't have to justify my likes to anyone. I like what I do and what makes me happy.

There are some things that have stayed consistent and have not just been a passing phase:

I've had some of the same great friends for as long as I can remember

I have slept with my blankie for 30 years and only been with out it for 2 nights (haha! yep) No pic for this one...as they say, "Beauty is in the eye of the beholder." haha!!!!

I have always loved to go! Was going to summer camp when I was just 5. Still Love to travel!!

My mom always said I was a lil different...my students tell me the same thing.

God, how I miss paste!!!! and yeah, I did pretake of it a few time. haha!!! I have always enjoyed being creative and have always taken art classes. I NEVER in a million years thought that I would be teaching art one day! Its always amazing to me how God knew just what I needed when I didn't even know it existed. I know right, Oh me of little faith right?? Yep, I never knew there was a job where a grown-up got to play with clay, glitter, glue, Sharpies, paint, paper, all in the name of work...but I do :) We call it art class and it rocks. I also get to decorate for all kinds of parties and events and tell lil people what to do...doesn't get better then this haha!!

I like my CDO and it comes in VERY handy in the classroom!! My sister used to get so mad when she would try and borrow my clothes and I could always tell because she never put stuff back the right way. You see my closet is organized by color, sleeve length, (and before getting on my meds) by brands. I also used to not be able to go to sleep if there were shoes out. Everything has a place and a home and should be in it. Labels are our friends and color coding is heavenly! Teaching has gotten me to be a lil more flexible (and the meds help too Im sure haha!!)

And finally, the one thing that is very much apart of me and has always been consistent: My Faith
I have had seasons but never strayed, never lost sight of my convictions (not to brag at all, it's only thanks to His grace). Yes, I do struggle with trusting  Him completely and in His timing for my life. But I have learned over time that when I do things on my own I just screw it up. In the end, my life is "Father Filtered" and things are so much better when I let Him lead me and guide me.

Now for a few things that Im in Love with right now!!!

Love this quote!!!

I want a compass rose tattoo

Monogrammed Anything!! Its a Southern thing

Nautical sailing bracelets 

Ok...so thats all I will do for now
Oh, I almost forgot!
I add an addition to my house, Mr. Fitz. His full name is Fitzwilliam Darcy Latham (or course he had to have a full name so that we could monogram his stuff haha!!!) 
I decided it was time to get a real pet. He's a lil hyper gray kitten that seems to think its fun to stalk me and that my shoes are his chew toys.
Finally taking a break...he looks so sweet and calm like this Haha!!!

Till Next Time ~


GinaG said...

Love it! Your comments about faith made me tear up, that really ministered to me. And I am happy to know that you are so organized, I may need you in this apartment!

Anonymous said...

what a great surprise to find you in 'wonderland' and you have a sweet kitten :) yay

loved reading you, as always you make me smile. I wish I had such a strong faith.

have a beautiful weekend