Friday, July 27, 2012

Strengths and Weaknesses...Well More Like, Things I'm Ok At & Things I'm Distressingly Bad At"

      Oh, no!!... "Can we please just talk about what Im fabulous at??" We all have them, things that we do well and things that we struggle with. Yesterday and today I was reminded of two of mine. 

    I got the most unexpected and best compliment yesterday from  my friend Pastor Paul. He sent me a message and asked me if I would answer some questions for a series that he is doing at his church. I tuned in last Sunday and it was really good and I'm looking forward to the next two weeks. You should head over to The Life Fellowship blog and check out the video series "Let's Talk About [Shhh...]." Yep, a church is talking about sex in church!!  Well, this weeks part of the series focuses on singles and Pastor Paul asked me if I would answer a few questions (He's the reason for this blog post haha! After I messaged him my reply he told me that it really should be a blog post and here it is). Here's what he wanted to know:
Paul Burke
Hey Sylvia, would you help me form some thoughts for a point I'd like to make this weekend? 
Would you tell me why you think you've been able to maintain your standards for dating, and remained single, while others have "settled" or even "compromised" and ended up in a relationship that is not what they wanted? 
Would you also tell me what you think are the reasons you're ok with being single rather than being in a relationship that would be a compromise of your hopes and convictions? 
And finally, what would be your best advice to a single lady who wants to remain pure, and not compromise her Christian convictions when it comes to dating and falling in love?
Any help you can give me would be great, thanks!

    This was my response
      First, thanks for asking me! And secondly, Wow!!! Not easy questions.... I guess I just reached a place in my life where I decided that I wanted Gods will no matter what even if that meant staying single. I refuse to settle for someone that doesn't have the same convictions as me. I know that the person I marry is the 2nd most important decision that I will make in my life. I have also seen so many people that were strong Christians who married someone who didn't have the same beliefs and in most cases the strong person fell away. I dont want to sacrifice my salvation just for a relationship.
My friends have always told me I do single well Haha...its not easy at all when but it has it perks! I guess the thing is to look for the good, enjoy this time, and try not to slap people when they once again tell you to "just wait on Gods timing" or "it always happens when you're not looking."

As far as staying pure...lots of prayer, good friends, and don't even think about dating anyone that you couldn't marry!! I dated a guy for three months and as soon as I found out that we disagreed on what I feel is a major conviction in my life I broke up with him. I'm not going to try and fix people or change them, only God can do that. Be up front and clear in all of your dating relationships on what will and will not happen.
Single girls, don't become the bitter single girl! But also don't become the girl always on the hunt. Yes, I'm available and looking but I'm living life and have fun and hoping he comes along....Soon!!!! I hope this helps!?

     Now I will, as always, be very honest with you...sometimes being single SUCKS and other times its GREAT!! I'm maybe a lil selfish and like that I don't have to answer to anyone but then there are times that I wish I had someone to share things with. I guess its catch 22 haha!!! But it's not just me, I have a lot of great girlfriends who are single. It's not like there are a lot of great guys beating down our doors. So it's not like Im really having to resist a lot of temptation or anything. 
     I guess thats the meaning behind my title. I wouldn't really say that it's one of my strengths, Im doing ok. Think of it this way, if you were in the desert and lost weight because there was nothing to eat was it because if your great dieting skills and willpower?? No! It was because there was nothing around to tempt you! LOL!!!! I thank God He has left me in the desert called Buras. hahaha!!!! 

   So that was kind-of the thing that I would say that I'm ok in...but sadly my bombdiggty self does have some major shortcomings and one of them is in the area of spennnddd... yep, my name is Sylvia,        

A bit much for my bank account
but still fun to look!
and I am a shopaholic. I have debt that I want to pay off and I do    so good for so long then its like I have a meltdown! I fall off the wagon and then Oh Lord! I did Dave Ramsey for awhile and was doing so good! I even was using the envelopes and cash. Debt it just so hard to pay down when you are still spending. And man if I don't go to town then I don't spend. Well that used to be ok, but now with online shopping well... I swear, you know how those gym rats and runners talk about how they feel after a good workout well that is how I feel when I'm shopping! How sad right?? HAHA It could be worse and I could be addicted to alcohol or drugs...or *gasp* the gym!!! But it's really something that I have to focus on. I can't keep this up I want to beat this and get out of this debt. I'm a pretty competitive person and this thing kicking my butt is really starting to get on my nerves and get to my pride. 

     I of course have a whole list of distressingly bads that I could just go on and on about...but well, that's another post another day haha! 
     So what are your "Ok's and Distressingly Bads??" I sure hope I'm not the only one out there?? haha!!! 

~Till Next Time :)

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Jen said...

Wow Sylvia!
I loved this blog post.
I was reading it and I was like, "Good heavens, I've been through some of the same stuff!" Way to just wait on God timing. He after all, can write the best love story in His own timing.

Thanks also for the comment you left on my blog. I am sorry that your school has blocked Pinterest! What were they thinking!?

As for the the printing I used a Google Chrome browser. So I just went to my art lesson board, scroll all the way to the bottom of the board (important!), and right click, print it in landscape mode. That's all! Hope in comes in useful!

syllatham said...

THanks Jen for the lovely comment! Love your blog and I will have to try the printing tips...super!

lindsey said...

Umm, I procrastinate!! That is one of my distressingly bads...of many. The problem is that I also am a perfectionist, so I drive myself crazy!!

Sylvia, you are so beautiful on the inside and out...I just love this post and your honesty. Any guy would be so blessed to have you, but I am just so thankful that you are not settling for "any" one. You deserve the best...that I am sure of!!

LOVE your fun posts.

syllatham said...

Thanks Lindsey for your comment. I always feel so honored when I get a comment, not only did someone read my crazy post but took time out of their schedule to send me a few words about it In most cases they are encouraging and that is always a blessing!

I know how you feel I procrastinate so bad myself! The bad part is I stress when I feel I have a ton to do because I waited, but it seems I need the deadline stress beating down on me to motivate me but then stress because of it...a crazy cycle!!

I love that verse in Ps 138:8 KJV "The Lord will perfect that which concerneth me..."
He's got it! I love that, "...that which concerneth me," even if what concerneth me is just the small things He is going to perfect it!

Well, sorry to go off chasing rabbits haha!! Thanks for stopping in :)

Jen said...

I came back to tell you I added a photo tutorial on that post if it makes it any easier. You weren't the first to question my printing methods! ;)