Thursday, August 2, 2012

A Sad Goodbye

     Tomorrow I have to get all dressed up like an adult and report to work...summer is over :(
I'm presenting on classroom management for our Parishes New Teacher Induction. I always love doing this and consider it an honor to be asked each year. It's always fun to meet all of the new teachers, our school will be getting close to 20 newbies this year!

     Still can't believe how fast this summer went by! I still have so much to get done in my classroom and the kids will be showing up next Friday!!!! I have meetings and will be doing sessions for the new teachers for the next few days. I have been feeling like a little bit of a slacker. I was pretty proud of my Sharpie Caddies that I made thanks to Artful Artsy Amy's Blog that I found thanks to Pinterest (you can follow me Here!) here's a pic. I just love how they turned out!!!!

 I love Duck Tape and love that it now comes in FUN colors and patterns!!!!

But like I was saying, I feel like a slacker after looking at all of these art teachers awesome bulletin boards, cute doors, decorated desks, and hallways. With us on the brink of moving into the new school and not having hallways there just wasn't much I really did this year. On top of that my room looks so bare without all of my stuff. I packed up because they told us there was a good chance we were going to have to move in the summer. Since I was going to Europe and didn't want to have to worry about going back in I just packed it all up and its all ready for the move to the new school...which they are telling us could be in Oct. (Yes, Im soooo super excited about moving to a new school in the middle of the semester in the middle of the year! NOT!!!)  I foresee a very fun and interesting school year! We have homecoming very early this year, so that means that I have already started planning and will have to hit the ground running the moment school starts. Homecoming is the Fall event of our town and my art club (me) and the Student Council I co-sponsor does the rest, so a very BUSY time. Then we will be moving into a new school, we will have 90% new faculty, we are changing our bell times and going to an earlier day (boo), lots and lots of changes!!! More then anything Im so ready to get into my new classroom!!! 1200 sq. feet with 5 wheels, a kiln room with 2 kilns, a pug mill, a 94 sq. foot storage room, I will have a DESK!!!!! It will be art heaven! I may just live there for the first month haha!!! I'm not joking, it may take me that long to get it all organized and labeled and set up. 

     Well, as I say Goodbye to summer I have to say that she was a good one this year. I had a great trip to Europe with my students. Yep I did it, I took High School kids out of the country and lived to tell about it haha!! No, it was an awesome trip and my kids were GREAT!!! Here are a few pics from our trip. We went to London, Paris, Florence, and Rome.

It's London Baby!

Oh Paris! How I love your macaroons!!

One of my favorite pictures :)

At the top of Notre Dame

Getting ready to board the night train...two words for that experience,
 "Oh Wow..."

I quote one of my kids, "There are a lot of naked statues around this place!"
LOL love it!

Rome! Rome!

Were off to see the wizard...they were a fun group! 
The rest of my summer was spent catching up with friends and hanging out with my family.

Not everyone was happy about taking a pic

I got to be a part of my friend Courtney's beautiful day!

Courtney's Big day :)

Girls Night (its was a magical night) Love these girls!
Spenat the weekend out in the much FUN!!!
Did some fishing
Some fun time in the pool

Overall I would say that it was a great summer! I'm sooo Blessed! I have such a great family, wonderful friends, and a great job that I love (I don't care too much for all the paperwork and meetings, but I guess thats the thorns on my rose).

How was your summer? Did anything really fun? 

~Till Next Time :)


Ms. Amy said...

omg! I love the addition of the duct tape to the caddy!! TY so much for telling me about your photo. I'm gonna have to rustle up some of my duct tape and fancy my caddy up.

The sign-in/out sheet has there name with columns after it. I sign 2 columns for each day with the date and have one say "out" and one say "in." They have to initial both. Like I said in the post, it is timely, but it works like a charm. Actually, towards the end of the year, I could have a student volunteer manage the caddy during cleanup and chase down students who still had missing markers. They actually got to really like it. Just goes to show kids really love structure.

And, you're right, I love my Title I kiddos!

Ms. Amy said...

their instead of there. I'm so embarrassed!