Monday, October 15, 2012

Where Has The Time Gone???


      I know most of you are familiar with Alice in Wonderland and the crazy little white dapper rabbit. Through most of the movie he seems to always be running from one thing to the next and aways in a rush and worried about being late...well I feel like the past two months this is what I have looked like and can totally relate to the poor hare. I don't know, this just may be my own conclusions but it seems that the author seems to have given him a giant watch, as if time is weighing him down and controlling him. It seems as if time has hit warp speed and seems to just fly by now.

    The past two months since my last post have been a little crazy and  many times I have even looked like Mr. Rabbit (sometimes I will confess he was better dressed then me on those days when the need for sleep won over looks) We started off this school year knowing that we were in for some interesting days. We got a lot of new teachers and not many of us were returning staff. We also were all a little bummed to find out that we would not be moving into our new school this year :( BOO!!!  But then they hit us with Common Core, and SLT's and we also got hit with a lil storm by the name of Isaac that had us out of school for 2 weeks. So now we are having to make up TIME by giving up breaks and half days for meeting and testing days.

     I really looked like Mr. Rabbit the weeks leading up to our Homecoming (our towns social event of the year!!). On top of all of this it hasn't helped that I've been dealing with migraines and stress is one of my triggers (yep, just great!).  I have been dealing with the migraines for over a year now. I was put on a medication called Topamax, which helped but the side effects where just too much. I dropped weight like nuts, now I know what you're thinking, "And how is this bad???" Well when you lose weight so much and so quickly that your students ask if you're dying form cancer there's a problem. I can't keep the weight on and then I started to lose hair, Lots of hair! Thank God I had thick hair to start with because I lost handfuls on this stuff. At this point I was ready to call it quits with the Topamax. I had also been keeping a migraine journal and looking at what were things that triggered my migraines. Skipping meals were a huge thing with me, I did it all the time. Some days I would come home and realize at 5 or 6 that I hadn't eaten all day...this is a NO NO! Skipping meals can bring one on and then I'm paying for it. Also, not getting enough sleep was also another one for me, add stress to that and you get a whole slew of craziness that I call my life. But I'm learning to deal. I'm cutting back on the stress and learning to say NO at work. I want that crazy Mr. Rabbit look to be a thing of the past. I had even gotten to the point where I was wondering if teaching was what I was supposed to be doing??? I do, and I think that this is where God has me for a season....who knows whats next?

I started a new devotional that my Mom got me to help reduce my worrying and stress. It's Joyce Meyer's Battle Field of the Mind. I just started it but it seems good so for. Its about how what we think controls our actions and how if we are negative and have doubts and worry then that is going to have an outward action. It's about how we have to submit all of our thoughts to God and remember "As a man thinks in his heart so is he. Prov. 23:7  I know that my stress is something that I have to give to God. It has been my constant battle. I was one of those kids that made list and from what my Mom's tells me didn't play well with others because I didn't want them messing up my stuff. Yep, I also have some OCD issues which don't help at all.

So now we have finished our first 9 weeks of school. I'm looking forward to this coming 9 weeks and having all 9 weeks to teach. Losing those 2 weeks to the storm really threw all of us off. Homecoming is done and out of the way...Thank God!!! And I have to say it turned out really cute. We had the theme of Candyland and I love how the decorations turned out. I do enjoy that part of my job! Here are a few pics of what we created.

My Art Club kids help paint the backdrop. I have an Awesome group!

Me, Jared, and Heidi 

My Favorite Pic of the and Heidi realized we were holding hands behind Jared's back...and the lil bit of sleep we were all running on it was Way funnier!!!

Candyland Archway

Made from ideas found on Pinterest. I love the spraying all the Polly-fill pink and blue to turn it into cotton candy and I also changed my arm color as well. 

Yeah, I had a little fun with the streamers 

 Well with that I will say

~Till Next Time

Oh! Go check out some of my students awesome artwork on their online art gallery at

Im so proud of them! Many of them have never drawn, never painted, or never had an art class before. 

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