Thursday, November 29, 2012

"A Project That Needed Tweaking..."

  So I'm a huge fan of You've Got Mail, it's by far one of my Favorite movies!! I Love that quote when Tom Hanks ask Meg why she didn't meet her internet guy and she tells him that he had a project that needed some tweaking and Tom's response is, "Some tweaking? A project that needed tweaking.... Yep he's married..." HAHA!!! After doing a little internet dating myself I tend to be as optimistic as Tom.
     But all that to say that I have been doing some tweaking of my own...I made some small tweaks to my blog! I was going to jump on board with the whole pre-made templets but I'm just not ready yet. Plus, I really love the picture that is apart of my title and I haven't found one of these pre-made templets that would work with it. So I played around a bit and made some changes myself....What do you think?

     So I'm super excited about the fact that we only have two weeks till exams week. This is one of my favorite parts of my semester. The kids will start on their final projects and the last project is where they will have to do research on a famous artist and then choose one of their paintings and recreate it but on a non-traditional surface. Last year I had kids that painted on old laptops, stools, tv trays, ceiling tiles, drift wood, a guitar, and even a mannequin. Students will then present a power point on their artist and their art work to go with it. I'm excited to see what some of my students bring in to paint on. Some have already started laying out some ideas and they're pretty cool.  Here are some pics of my kids from last year.

Painting away on that tv tray

Haha they were a fun bunch!

My classroom stool

Well, I hope you have a great Friday! I love Fridays! It's as if the day is just great because we all know we get the next day off. Even on the craziest Friday's, they are way better then say a Tuesday haha! 
So Happy Friday!

~Till Next Time :) 

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

It's Beginning To Look A Lot...

     ...Like Christmas!
     I really LOVE Christmas! I think it's the freedom to use glitter, lights, and sugar, at will and not be judged for it. I Love putting up my tree, and love that it seems there can never be too much stuff on my tree! 

I love Lots of Color! 

I think that Mr. Bingley is just too cute!

     So many things to love! Elves, gumdrops, and all the wonderful things from childhood. One of my favorite parts of putting up my tree is taking out all of my ornaments and remembering the great memories that go with each and every one of them. 

I have a bit of a Mushroom addiction! Every year it seems to grow and that just makes me happy :)

 When ever I travel to different places I always get an ornament from that place to remember my trip by. I love looking at these and remembering all the great places and fun times!

 These are by far some of my favorites since they are from my childhood and passed down from my Grandmother. 

 These represent my time as a teacher

 I loved Dr. Sues as a kid and have collected a nice lil group of them. Love the one with Max the dog and Horton.

 We have a tradition of making or giving an ornament with the years date. I even have the one from the year I was born. For some reason I happened to grab my box of ornaments when I evacuated for Katrina...sadly I was the only one in my family that did :(

Then there are these...They are on my tree because they make me happy :)

~Till Next Time

Monday, November 26, 2012

Really!? It's Monday Already?...That's Ok, I Got This!!!

     So this is how I felt when my alarm went off this morning at 4:30! Yeah, was not too happy about the fact that I woke up before the alarm! You know when you wake up and your like, "What the Heck woke me up because that dang alarm sure hasn't gone off yet!?!" Then you lay there wondering why your up at this ungodly hour without the shrill of the demoniac alarm as the culprit. Then as you ponder this, that's when the alarm decides to make its grand self heard and then you're really ticked off since you were pondering the thought of trying to go back to bed...Well at least that's what I do, don't know about you.

     So as I jump out of bed to turn the alarm off (yep, I'm one of those people that has to have it across the room or I'm so dozing that thing till I'm jumping out of bed and racing to work late) I remember my last post and my resolve to have a positive outlook. So I start with my positive thinking. Now I knew going into this day that the positive thinking thing was going to be rough and all since there has yet to be an easy day back at school after a week long break...but I was going with it. I knew if I was going to pull this off I was going to need lots of prayer and maybe even more coffee. I was dressed and off to work, I managed to make it to work a whole hour early, beat the Monday line at the copy machine (already looking like a good day!), and got the day going. 
Then the students showed up all dragging butt...I mean come on people you haven't seen me for a WHOLE week! You should be filled with excitement and anticipation at the knowledge and art wonder that I'm going to instill in you...yeah, not so much. haha!!!
Well, I had come ready for them and their lethargic selves! I planned to teach the mess out of them and had a full bell to bell day planned (I also told them I was not going to fight it and if they didn't want to do their work in my class then they would have the honor to do it in ISS...that got their attention haha!) 

     Overall it was a great day. My positive thinking went well and I had a really good day. Some of my lil babies (my Sr. that are going to be leaving me soon Boo!) Came to see me, as always, for lunch and I had a great time chatting it up with them! They really do crack me up! They asked if I found a Boo over the break, yeah like you just find someone to jump into a relationship over a week long break. They are very concerned with the fact that I'm single and I think thats so those kids!! So after I told them to not worry about my relationship status, and to eat something besides junk food for lunch, they were off to 4th period and I was off to my planning period. Now if you're a teacher then you know that planning period is a code word for black hole of time. I always have such good intentions to get things done during this time...just seems catching up with other teachers is more fun and the rest of the time I'm not really sure where it goes?? I did get some grading done, but still have more waiting on me...but tomorrow is always another day!

     I hope that you had a great Monday as well. Remember to BE POSITIVE and Tuesday...Bring It! :)

~Till Next Time 

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Giving Thanks and Gripping for Reality

     Well, a Happy Thanksgiving to yall. I always love Thanksgiving since it seems to be the kick off event to the Holidays...and if you know me you know I love me some Holidays!!!

     We had a great and Blessed Thanksgiving as always. All of the family was in except one cousin and her family. Our family tradition is that ever Thanksgiving we always go to my Uncle's, my Dad's brother. It always includes WAY too much food and a ton of people, and this year was no different.
Here's a pic of just the center island...there was more food on the other two counters! I sometimes wonder if we haven't gone overboard just a bit when it comes to the Thanksgiving spread.

I didn't really get too many pics this year. Here are the few I did happen to snap.

My Mom and our friends Vicki and Irene 

 Me and my niece Molly
and of course we had to make silly faces :) 

 Chuck (another friend of ours) sneaking some food

 Uncle Walnut carving the bird

Getting ready to start eating...Lulu is snapping a pic of the feast haha!!

We had over 30 people, a ton of family and some friends, all come together in one house with one goal...To eat and laugh! I'm happy to say we did a lot of both.

     But now it's my last day of turkey day freedom break and I'm sadly trying to get a grip on reality and the fact that I have to go back to work tomorrow. I really should be doing lesson plans right now....but thats neither here nor there. Plus I have found many great things that "need to be done now" instead of the all hated LP...Like this blog post! 
     I hate the first day back from a break. Everyone, teachers and students, have a case of shock that they had to return back to reality and it seems that the whole first day everyone is walking in a daze trying to get their groove back. I know that I left a ton of things waiting on me on my desk. When that 2:35 bell rang I thought, "Oh, I will get this after the break, I'm just ready to go and start my vacation already." But now it looks like I will spend my first day back catching up. But I'm trying to be positive....that was me and Sammie Lynn's goal this year to be positive. 

I can't believe that this semester is almost over. I counted and we only have 20 school days till Christmas break!!! Yep, you better believe I'm already counting down the days! Sadly this all seems to be going by sooooo fast, everything seems to just fly by this year. I'm still in shock every time I sign the date and write Nov. What happened to the rest of the year??? 2013 is looming towards us and I'm just not ready. I always hate the two weeks between the semester. I have NO desire to do anything remotely related to work and yet I have to get ready for a whole new semester and all new classes and students.  But I keep remanding myself to be positive and to look for the good things haha! 

     So I've been reading and doing a new devotional called Battlefield of the Mind by Joyce Meyers. It really good and has some good truths in it. My Mom got it for me due to the fact that my Doc and I figured out that one of my triggers for my migraines is stress induced. So my Mom said that most of my stress is related to the thoughts that I think and that I have to take control of my thoughts and surrender them to God. So thats what I have been doing...well trying to do. As I've been reading this Bible study some of it really has hit home with me. One of the days really hit me between the eyes with something that I'm really guilty of. 
The title of that days study was, "Be Positive." Now like I just said earlier its something I have been trying to work on. My friend Sammie and I had talked about it at the beginning of the semester as related to our jobs...but really its something that I really need to work on for my whole outlook on life. I'm very much a "Glass half empty" kind of girl. One part of the study really jumped out at me and made me say, "Yep, thats me and thats it." The quote that got me was where Joyce says that God had dealt with her and her negativity and she realized that her whole philosophy was, "If you don't expect anything good to happen, then you won't be disappointed when it doesn't." Wow! if thats not exactly how I feel...I guess that a lot of my negativity is in some way a protective thing. I don't want to be let down so I just assume that it's not going to work out then I'm not disappointed when it doesn't and if it happens to them it's a lil more of a pleasant surprise. She also said that sometimes this thinking comes from being disappointed over and over in the past. 
     Now I know I have a very blessed life...but if you went back in time and chatted it up with my 16 or 17 year old self then you will see that my life really hasn't turned out at all like I planned! I can't complain, it's just not what I planned on at all! I swear I thought at 18 Mr. Right would waltz into my life and we would have the big fairytale wedding and by 25 I would be half on my way to a big family. Boy was I ever off! Then it seemed that I hopped from one thing to another. I struggled through school and for the longest felt dumb...then I found out I wasn't, just had a lil thing called a learning disorder. But along this path to where I am I thought for sure I would run into Mr Right and realize that we just needed to figure somethings on our own before getting together...yeah, that still hasn't happened. haha! So the idea of what I thought my life would look like seemed to fade with each passing year and I guess I figured it was easier to not look forward to it because then I was just disappointed. So then I figured God had other plans and so I just started going with it. I did the dental assistant thing while I worked my way through college and towards my teaching degree, all the while wondering when my life was going to finally start.
 I know how sad, that I seemed to think that my life was going to start once I had a husband and kids...but I did. Then I started to really embrace the single life and tried to act like it was so great so no one would view me and the sad lil girl that can't get anyone to marry her (heck or even date her it seems).  
     I guess a big part of it was that I'm such a control freak and this one thing I just didn't seem to have any control was very frustrating! But I started to see this as just a season of my life and that it too would one day pass. It's one of the reasons for my blog name. Life equals seasons and change. The change part has always been hard. It's something you want yet fear in some ways due to the unknown. I'm still working on being positive about the place and season that I am in. 
One of our biggest obstacle I think is the view in our heads of what we think our life should look like. I want to be the person that is positive about all things, even when things are not what I pictured. I want to remember that I'm not in control and that my life is Father filtered. I want to be thankful for all the many different seasons and changes that make my life what it is and what it's going to be. I want to stop worrying about what should have been and focus on what is and what can be. I want to trust Him to work all things to His good in His timing. 

     So I continue to work on being positive in all things. Joyce says, "Positive minds produce positive lives. Negative minds produce negative lives. Positive thoughts are always full of faith and hope. Negative thoughts are always full of fear and doubt." 

I want to have faith that I am right where I should be and hope that He will lead me where He knows I should go. I want to put aways negative thoughts that bring fear and doubt. Matt. 8:13 says, " shall be done for you as you have believed." 
My next study is titled "Think About What You're Thinking About." Sounds like something I need to think about :)

I always seem to start my blog post thinking I will just quickly type up a few things about what has been happening and a few thoughts I've been thinking about...then bam! Out of nowhere I seem to type and type and type. So if you have stayed with me this far Congrats to you and I will now wrap it up. Haha! 

~Till Next Time

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Oompa Loompa Land Up Ahead...and I Just Did What?

     So as stated before in my last post, I did the New Orleans Color Run! I know right...Who would have thought I would do a 5k? I have to say that it was a Blast!! Of course I didn't run the whole thing. I ran a bit then stayed back to walk with two of my friends who were walking it. My lil sis Lydia and friend Sheila ran the whole thing...Awesome Job yall! We had a really good time. This type of race was made for me! I loved all of the colors and that their mascot is a giant Unicorn!!! How awesome is that! Also it was all about having fun, getting colored up, dressing crazy (I will have a white tutu for the next one), glitter, rainbows and all the other fun things that I just love. We also had a great group that all participated. It was awesome to see 11'000 people all lined up to run this and everyone wanting to have a good time. I was determined to take some good pictures of this fun day and had been reading the Color Run's website when I stumbled across their suggestion of how to cover your good camera to protect it from the color that is thrown all over you. You will never guess what they said to use...Saran Wrap! So I busted out my trusty sidekick for all of my adventures, my camera, and got to wrapping. 
I was so excited, it worked like a charm! And best part is it didn't cost me $400 bucks like a case would have.

     So armed with my newly protected sidekick (I really need to give him a name Hmm....will have to work on that), and my running shoes we were off to the Happiest 5K on the planet. Here's how the day went:

The crew geared up and ready to go! 

Me and my Lil Sis...I was so proud of her for running the whole thing!

11'000 people all dressed in white and ready to get colored up.

At the starting line...

First was orange (they had this great sign at the beginning of each color station and the orange sign read, "Oompa Loompa Land Up Ahead") 
then we were off to the blue and looking like giant Smurfs

Next was the pink and it was just a blast

And then we made it to the finish line!

Following the parade of colors this sign was quite true...but then I always thought I did ;)

Then I came across this...a giant Unicorn and my day was made!

But this by far is my Favorite pic of the day! Love this group of girls and so blessed to have such great friends. 

I'm super excited about the next Color Run in Feb and will for sure be sporting my white tutu. We had such a great time and all wanted to do it again that we formed a team...our team name is "Friends Don't Let Friends Dye Alone."

Thanks guys for a wonderful and colorful Sat. and for not letting this friend Dye alone :)

~Till Next Time

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Forecast Calls for a COLORFUL Weekend :)

     So in the past I have mentioned that I have tried, and failed, to be a runner. It's just not me. Well, seems that I have fallen for the oldest trick in the book when it comes to my friends and I have fallen for peer pressure...I signed up for a 5k! I know, for someone that doesn't run it may be a bit of an out the box kind-of moment.
And if were being honest here most of my walking consist  of me walking from my car to my classroom and then maybe a lil jaunt down the hallway to visit Heidi during my planning period or lunch, thats about all of the walking I do! haha!!

But this weekend I'm signed up for the Happiest 5k on the Planet, the Color Run!!!

If you would have talked to me a few days ago I wasn't to excited about this but now I'm getting pretty excited about having fun with my girls and getting colored up!
This run is not about times, who wins, or how my running pose looks, no this run is all about having fun and my life could use a lil of that.
     Things have been kind-of crazy lately and I'm so ready to start my Thanksgiving break with such a fun weekend. Plus I was just telling a friend the other day that lately I have felt like such a hamster in a ball...just rolling around but not really feeling like I'm going any where.
I have been asking myself, "What am I doing with my life?" You ever feel that way, that you just wonder if things should be different and maybe if you had done things a bit different in the past that you wouldn't be asking yourself that question. I'm about to start on my 5th year teaching and if you know anything about my past I seem to move on to something new every 5 years. I was a florist, dental assistant, and now teacher...maybe I'm ready for something new. Or maybe I just need to suck it up and grow up and realize that this is my life now and I can't keep jumping from one thing to the next.

In the past 2 weeks I have overhead people talking about me and saying that, "Oh she doesn't want to get married," or "Yeah I don't think she wants kids." Well, people I do! Just because someone doesn't dwell on something or let it consume them doesn't mean that they don't want all the things that most people view as a normal life. And yes, I know that I have said myself that I'm not sure if I want kids...but when I watch the Charter commercial with the lil kids voice talking about being a parent I wonder what a lil kid like me would be like. I will admit that dang commercial makes me cry every time...maybe its my inner self saying thats what you're missing. I don't know? I wonder if it would have some of my weird quirks (poor kid I know, but at least it would be one interesting kid), I wonder how I would change if I were to ever be a mom, and I wonder if it would then prove to people that they really shouldn't judge my book by its cover.

     All of us want that perfect life, the husband, two kids, and sporty SUV...I guess for some of us it just comes differently. I know God's timing is always the right timing but sometimes its hard not to wonder if His watch hasn't broken?? I still feel like life is just moving along, and I'm in that lil ball rolling through the years but not really seeing any change.  I guess in time I will break out of my lil ball, but for now I'm going to just keep rolling along till I run into something worth busting out for.
Well, at least I have really awesome friends who are there to roll along with me...and yep, we plan to color it up this weekend!

~Till Next Time :)

P.S. sorry this post seemed to be all over the place. That's just me...I don't write this blog as a school blog, or to make money. Its just a place for me to share my random thoughts and the many seasons that life takes me through. Happy Reading